Brandman University Modesto, California Campus

October 15, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Brandman University has called the San
Joaquin Valley home for more than three decades. But we’re very proud of that,
we’re very proud of our tradition, we’re very proud of our roots here in the valley. A big part of Brandman’s success; personal attention from the faculty. How accessible each faculty member is
is just amazing, I have the cell phone number
of most of my teachers. What I found to be really beneficial to me and my
learning style is been able to call up somebody and say hey, can we go to
Starbucks because I’m not getting this. Sergeant Joseph Wren enrolled to get his master’s
degree so he could advance his career. The, you know know the more classes I
took the more exciting I became. He was pleasantly surprised to be in
class with many of his colleagues. In my class I was fortunate, I had law enforcement
professionals in there from other jurisdictions so we shared a lot of information it was a lot
of networking. It’s something students often talk about;
the caliber of their classmates which enhances the Brandman experience. As much as I learn from the
professors here, I learned a lot from the other the other people in the groups. It’s what encouraged Bryan Marks to get
his master’s and now, his doctorate. Anytime that I go and I’m struggling at my job or struggling at what my
future holds I walk into that room, I see these people I come out ready to just
take on the world once I’m done and that’s a special feeling to have. While Brandman offers extensive online course options, it’s the people, both faculty and
students, which make the Modesto campus such a success,
thirty years and running.