Boston University Admitted International Students Virtual Event 4-11-18

September 9, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

hello thank you so much for joining me
this evening and again welcome and congratulations for being admitted to
Boston University’s class of 2022 my name is Tasha Sandoval I’m an assistant
director of on the board of admissions here at Boston University and I’m really
really excited that you joined us here tonight for the special virtual event
live webcast since we know not all of you can join us here on campus it’s
really important first of all really to congratulate you we are just really
excited that you have been admitted to this class of 2022 but then of course
also to give some information and help you make your big decision so again it
is a lot about congratulating you this was a very very competitive year it was
actually our most selective year yet we had almost 65,000 applications so it’s
really been a big year for us this year so I’ll show you a little bit more about
the class profile but first I just kind of want to introduce what this session
is going to look like so I’ll be speaking for a little while introducing
the class to you talking about next steps and then we’ll actually shift over
and we’ll have a panel of current bu students all international students who
are here today I’m really excited to to share with you some of their experiences
and stories about their time at BU and that’s when you’ll have an opportunity
to actually use the interactive interface that we’re using here tonight
where you can actually ask questions and we’ll be answering them and the students
will be answering them so you can really get your questions answered to help make
your decision about your place in the class of abuse class of 2022
all right so like I said we’ll talk a bit about the BU class of 2022 so as you
can see here on the slides that we have up we got about 65,000 applications
so definitely record-breaking huge huge pool of students from all over the world
and you are of course among them and were admitted which we’re so excited
about you know for the you can see the freshman class has 3,300 student
what we’re hoping for and then you can see some other details there about just
how incredibly talented and academically selective this particular year was so
that’s why I’m congratulating you so much you should feel so proud parents if
you’re watching their you should definitely feel very proud as well for
the role that you had in this particular achievement and you know while these
numbers are all very impressive and we are very proud of that I do want to
share a couple of kind of fun facts of other kinds of achievements qualitative
achievements that we learned about some of the admitted students for this class
of 2022 as you know of course not all about these numbers it’s definitely
about the kinds of people the kinds of students that you all are so just among
you I’ll give a few examples there is an Olympian who competed in the 2018 Winter
Olympics there is a musical theatre person a performer who performed in a
Broadway musical we also have a student who started his own business that was
actually included in Forbes 30 under 30 list so those are just some of the
really impressive accomplishments that you all have and you really can count
yourselves among this very impressive group of high schoolers that are now you
know looking to join these class of 2022 so then I do want to tell you a couple
of other things about the class for example where the pool of applicants
came from so I said it was about 65,000 students and then you can see here a map
of the world that’s colored in so for every country that’s colored in that
means that we received an application from that country so really almost every
country in the world you see just about 166 us it’s a very very diverse class
we’re very excited to have you among them and so of course with this very
global population you know of all of our undergraduate students here at BU 24
percent are international students we of course have a very global campus not
just with this that we have on campus but also the
kinds of programs that we offer we’re very internationally minded
institution I think that’s really important to keep in mind as you’re
thinking about attending Boston University so I would also mention you
know you can see these different facts here we are ranked quite highly among US
universities for hosting international students but then of course we’re
located in the city of Boston which our students will certainly talk more about
in a little while but the city of Boston itself is also ranked highly number
three for being a very welcoming student or excuse me a city for international
students in the US and then finally I will also add that we have a really
strong alumni network around the world with alumni living in 189 of the world’s
196 countries so you all of course represent a very diverse pool of
international students but then of course as you all graduate you become
alumni of Boston University and we have very strong Network so that really adds
to our global perspective all right so as you’re making this decision you also
want to think about advance credit opportunities that are available to you
here at BU based on what it is that you’re taking currently in high school
so you see a few examples up there the most common advanced credit curricula
that we see are the AP the GCE or the International Baccalaureate but you’ll
see we also may offer advanced credit for the German art or the French
baccalaureate so a lot of options there you can see some contact information as
well as a website on this slide if you want to get more information about how
to go about receiving that advanced credit but you may definitely be able to
receive advance credit for the work that you’re currently doing to go toward your
degree here at Boston University okay so that’s a lot of fun information I hope
you’re getting really excited and feeling proud of this huge
accomplishment that you’ve achieved but then it’s very important to be thinking
about what your next steps are since the deadline to choose Boston University is
coming up on May 1st so you see here the next steps listed the very first thing
you’ll have to do is make that decision by making your bu enrollment deposit you
can make that right through your student applicant link then as soon as that
happens we will very quickly courier over your i-20 form which is the form
that you need to apply for your f-1 student visa now that is very important
and something you’ll want to start working on as soon as you receive the
information and make sure you just read it thoroughly with all of its details
then of course you know these other important things that we may take for
granted making sure your passports up to date you pay the SEVIS fee which is a
fee that you need to pay for this piece of processing and then finally you know
have everything ready through the nearest US Embassy or consulate for your
appointment for the visa to then have the visa issued to you and be able to
actually go ahead and travel to the US and then join us here at Boston
University once you ride you’ll check in with our international students and
scholars office or the ISS which is going to be a really important resource
for you here on campus to really help you understand all of the resources that
you have and the special things you’ll have to keep in mind as an international
student okay and then finally you will receive a lot of information after
receiving your i-20 and after making that enrollment deposit related to other
next steps so we’ll certainly talk about housing and other things like that but
something that is required and a really exciting first step as your time during
your time as a terrier is the orientation the freshman orientation
that you will attend and participate in prior to starting your very first
semester so you can see a list of dates here for the different orientation
options and you’ll notice that there are different dates for different schools or
colleges although some dates include all schools and colleges so most
international students will choose to do the final date because it’s right before
the start of fall classes so that means you just have to arrive once you get to
move into your dorm early and then September first the final day of that
orientation is going to be a mandatory international student orientation day as
well you’ll learn some important things to
help you get set up with a bank account and different things like that that will
be specific for international students so we would encourage you to sign up for
that final date but if for some reason you are already in the u.s. earlier in
June or you’ll be here at another time during the summer you’re welcome to join
one of those orientation dates just keep in mind that you will still need to
participate in that international student orientation date at the
beginning of September as well just that one day and you’ll see additional
information listed on this slide if you have any questions that orientation
please be sure to write them in to the the screen that you have okay and then
finally we just have some student contact information here I apologize cut
a little bit cut off there but the important part the email itself is there
so if you have any additional questions that come up after the end of this
virtual event that you didn’t get to ask or that didn’t get answered please we
encourage you we really welcome you to reach out since we really do want to
help you throughout this process so if you have any admissions based questions
questions that advance credit anything like that you can email that inted miss
at BU edu email on your left but if you have any questions specific for students
something that you’d like a student to answer for you you can email this email
on the right which is the visa at BU edu email okay and with that I’m actually
going to show a video quickly to give you a bit more information also show you
some visuals of campus which i think is really important although of course you
have this lovely visual right now on the slide of the City of Boston this
photograph was actually taken from a BU dormitory believe it or not so without
further ado I’ll go ahead and show the video and then when we return you’ll
actually be faced with four of our amazing Boston University students who
will help answer some of your questions thank you so much please as the piano is
happening please send in your questions and so they’ll be wanting to answer the
questions as they come in and again congratulations we’re so
excited to welcome you to the class of 2020 to go ahead cyanide gas regulator
Boston University did you see decimally if you have a new
IV you go see honey right now Washington – yet when I came here I found there are
so many international students here and also there are so many international
organizations that we could like participate in and to experience
different culture and the diversity of the campus makes me feel like home here
– the variables and university this is a joke terrific a theorem Boston
University’s NEBOSH Gardens every video student I met is really proactive in in
their own Styles everyone’s trying to do their best
everyone’s trying to pursue more so there’s always a dynamic and vibrant
community feeling Bonjour if you have a new Boston
University so the international community has the foundation of why I
feel so welcomed and comfortable here at Boston University felicidades pnuemonia
have Boston University the congratulations view map got swagger you
have that instant community on your campus but then you also have that
community within the city of Boston because there’s so many students here
there’s so many people going through that same situation especially for
international students you’ve got so many international students in the city
that you’ve got that I guess you could call it a support network on campus
where congratulations and welcome to vu welcome once again it’s our panel here
at Boston University my name is Julianna I am a current student a senior studying
Business Administration in the question for business specifically marketing and
information systems I also have a minor in the College of Arts and Sciences for
sustainable energy and I’m coming all the way from Brazil
hi I’m mots I’m a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying
international relations I’m also in the killer Shawn Honors College and I’m from
Hong Kong hello everyone i’m valera I’m coming from Istanbul Turkey
I’m a freshman studying in the College of Communication and I was the legal
entity hi everyone my name is Ali Khan I and I’m Kurt the junior studying
computer science in the culture part sciences now I’m also minoring in
business administration it’s question scope business I’m
actually coming from Ankara Turkey okay so first thing I want to tell you guys
that you do have a box where you can type in all your questions so make sure
to send us as many questions as you want we’ll try to answer almost all of them
as much as we can and we actually have our first question come in so what does
a typical day look like for you and bu um I can start off and let you know that
typical day starts um I skipped breakfast because I sleep in and I go
straight to my class and in class I actually um I said in this is school so
I took a class uh have a lunch break take another class and then I actually
head out with my friends we usually meet together right after class in our george
forman union it’s pretty cool area where a lot of students speed up to do work um
even hang out with friends they have an amazing such a food so I always eat my
guilty pleasures over there um yeah and then yesterday night for example I
headed out for dinner in a local restaurant around here view is really
central on Boston so you can head out to restaurants walk around it’s really cool
what about you guys what did you do yesterday for example my typical day I
always eat breakfast because I have early classes but that also means that I
get to end earlier which means that by you know around 1:00 or 2:00 in the
afternoon I’m done with classes um I then go either to the gym or I start
with my homework have dinner with my friends and then I play on the rugby
team here so we have training at night pretty much every day so I was doing
something active at our awesome gym fit rec it’s honestly one of the best gyms
I’ve ever been to it’s great to go with your friends and yeah that’s pretty much
my my daily schedule I go to bed quite early as well well for me I live in West
Campus so I usually get up in the morning either walk to class or take the
BU bus via shuttle which is free review students and I go to class and after
class I like to hang out with George Sherman Union as well but I sometimes
like to walk to the city which is like a ten minute walk and go to Newbury Street
kill to some cute cafes and study there and for me I can talk about my typical
Friday usually I wake up around like 9:00 and then in the mornings I have an
internship that’s on the campus I’m working in the elliptical Institute
where we work on different web applications that we are developing on
our own and dream large break I go to George Sherman Union as well and like
nice lunch we have different options from rainy from Panda Express to the
sushi tiger interest combination it’s nice and then after lunch I go back to
my classes and I’m pretty much in class till like 6:00 p.m. and after class I go
to the gym and then usually do homework that’s my calculate yeah and what is
unique about video well I can actually start that actually I think what does
unique about view is the fact that even though we use such a large institution
we have a view small classroom size called culture part science and we also
have the small script package ratio which Jeanie emphasized the fact that in
classes you have discussion sections that you can easily reach out to
professor’s have direct access to them but at the same time you can have direct
access to your friends and taking that views such a diverse group with many
different students from all around the world even in this table we are from all
around the world it’s so nice to actually like get to know your friends
get to know their culture share your culture culture and have this like
unique experience on the campus in classes that’s that’s really important
for me I will say and I will say like there are so many people studying so
many different things with you like I’m in the College of Communication but I
have friends that I mean like scuffle fatality so like other than the
diversity as nationalities you have diversity of like different interests
and you can take classes from like any type of interesting happen I was going
to say one thing that I think is really unique about vu is that our campus is
very different than a lot of other campuses so a lot of times in a college
campus you’ll have an enclosed area all the buildings are around the central
quad or something but what’s cool about view is that our entire campus is about
a mile and a half long along Commonwealth Avenue so we’re fully integrated into
the city which means that you you know you’re not only running into college
students when you’re walking down the street
and it’s a really cool environment because you really feel like you’re in
the city of Boston and not just on a campus yeah and we actually have another
question coming in and the question is what is the biggest change from high
school life to college I think I you can tell I’m a freshman and like I think the
biggest change is like you don’t go home like you go back to your dorm and like
hang out with your friends as much as you want and like the classes are
different here too like you don’t have to wake up an eight day obstacle to high
school and then just come back at night like you can have like morning classes
afternoon classes whichever suits you and like you can choose you have freedom
in college which is very awesome yeah I remember my freshman year telling my
friends about the experience when I went back home and I told them it’s like an
everlasting summer camp it’s so nice because it’s like she said
you go back home but it’s you’re going your home is now a dormitory and I had
my best friends live with this thing for I did I didn’t know anyone when it came
to view literally alone and when I got there I was afraid as always I think
everyone was little bit afraid you know in high
school you’ve known these people for at least four years I personally have been
studying with my friends since I was three years old so when you get there
you’re like oh my god I’m not going to have any friends turns out everyone else
doesn’t have any friends so they all really want to make friends
and they’re all open to making friends and so that was like a little bit scary
until I was there for around two hours and I realized I made friends that’s how
long it took for me to make friends it actually lasted me for years I’m a
senior now and I still talk to the people from my dorm um from my freshman
year dorm I mean they have so many events going on view does a really good
job at first of having event to the first week where all the way from off I
saw which is this first year outreach program you do service super cool if any
of you guys participate in myself and you want to share your experience about
that and we had ice cream social I remember that like everyone’s typical
every college have their own ice cream social where you can meet people who go
to the same College as you yeah so that was very cool I think it’s above all the
difference between high school is that you’re independent is like the freedom
that you are I mentioned but it also independent and you get to make your own
choices I think that is a very important aspect is you you’re growing up
literally going out to those um that’s quite a change um and internships how do
you find is a high stakes question on campus we have many different resources
that are located on under the Bay State Road which is actually the hub for
different peer tutoring services writing assistance College advising but at the
same time our Center for Career Development and in that Center we have
Moke interviews that a student can meet with an advisor and go over like
internship questions actually timed themselves find different tips about
like dress codes and stuff and you also have resume reviews that an adviser
again will take your resume and then they will recover your like phone sizes
use of which choice of words and then they try to
pinpoint specific areas that would fit to your job description and we also have
something called handshake which is LinkedIn for view students and me no
alarms would actually post different jobs for example they say hi we are
looking for a part-time student working out like Boston office or full-time
student which makes it really accessible because the system actually integrates
your bu information along with your life visa status GPA and once you put your
resume the system actually like allows you automatically send your resume to
many different companies that makes the whole process much easier so there’s
always great resources twelve students find different internships and on top of
that apart from just the official sources that we have a you like
handshake in the Center for Career Development I can personally talk about
the rugby team for example the rugby team has been around since 1973 and
there’s tons and tons of alumni that have played on the team and you know
they love being involved in current student life and getting involved like
that and it’s really about using connections in the clubs that you’re in
I know lots of other organizations on campus that have alumni that are really
looking for bu students because they know how hardworking and diligent they
are to participate in their companies so that’s also a great resource the fact
that bu has such a vast alumni network yeah and besides internships throughout
the semester you can also get summer internships U has really cool summer
internships breakin study abroad or actually what we call study abroad
within the u.s. I was part of the first class that went to New York for the
internship program and bu actually put me in touch with Sony Music I got an
internship there was super cool and so I worked all summer say Tempe you have Z
over there in New York State two months in New York said that was amazing so you
have all the options as international students to work all the way from cool
internships throughout your semester as well as summer really taking advantage
of that summer um another question coming in of housing where do you
lived on campus and which dorm is the best that is that is oh my god
it’s complicated everyone has an opinion you know drawers I’m very passionate
about it because it really marks my freshman year so I’m just going to start
by saying West Campus is the best camp it’s in my opinion some people you might
disagree but I’m going to tell you why it’s the best
so the western portion of campus the thing that I always tell anyone who asks
about dorms is that I really did like living in a large dormitory style
because large dorms and they have events all the time going on you get to meet
quite a lot of people as I said so many people there are willing to make friends
and so I really loved living in large dorm western portion of campus is closed
to all the athletic facilities so I thought it was really cool so I think
that’s why what’s this best well I live in Weiss right now and I really like it
there but really depends on your preferences like in Morin I the Warren
his other place where freshly and then Warren like it’s people say that it’s
more common to meet other people but also um same for West and if you want to
live in West you should concentrate it’s like a 16 minute walk from the classes
usually or there’s always the beaver shuttle and you should go to their life
there if you into sports or like fit track which is really quick is our
Sports Center and it’s really close there so you should all consider those
aspects and I think you should definitely take into account that the
dorm you should live should reflect your like courses for example if you’re
living and East Campus you’re most likely going to take courses on the
College of Arts and Sciences so you should pay attention to like where your
classes would be and choose your location based on that like if you want
to wake up late and they’re like right run to class within five minutes maybe
Warren tower’s would be better so that you can run to like cultivars Sciences
but if you are studying in school of hospitality maybe West Campus would be
better for you yeah I only tip for you guys is there’s a
housing website very nice to get to see 360 degree imaging off almost all the
rooms here on campus as well as floor plans to take a look at that a fee that
way you can actually visit a room there as well as specialty housing so you can
live in a floor for example where only engineering students live that way um so
for example you can live with specialty housings for smaller apartments bigger
apartments and that way you can have classes in common with people that are
living around you um can I stay in the dorm during holiday breaks does anyone
know that not during the winter break but during the spring break
definitely can yes so we recently two years ago started allowing students to
stay in their dorms during the minor rig so that would be Thanksgiving that would
be a spring break as well so we keep those doors open especially you know for
international students who might not have the opportunity to go see family at
home go back and there are a lot of students who do stay on campus so it’s
not like you’ll be here alone even the dining hall has has a special schedule
meaning that you’ll still be able to have food to some degree the only time
that you do have to go home or go somewhere else is during winter and
summer breaks where the dorms are closed and what is a typical student like at BU
I can actually take this question I think the best thing about you is the
student body and just like we mentioned we have a really diverse and global
student body but I can describe them as proactive students who are like really
interested and doing well in their academics but also students who know how
to balance their life even though they study really hard they also know like
how to have fun and just like must they have like different interests in sports
they have different extracurricular activities and they do this in a way
that is balanced and fun so they don’t like sacrifice academics but they also
know how to have fun another questions actually coming in
what about faculty what is your favorite professor and can you build
relationships with professors so that’s definitely something I could talk about
I have to say it was it’s amazing to me how bu is considered you know a medium
to large-sized school and yet I’ve had a connection with almost every single one
of my professors that I’ve taken so far just as an example my favorite professor
is definitely have to be a professor that’s in the Questor school business so
I’m not even in the Western School of Business but he’s been so amazing that
I’ve decided to take three courses with them in the two years that I’ve been
here he’s his name’s professor right out and
he’s really really great at explaining concepts he’s had a lot of experience in
the business world so he’s able to use those examples and and teach from his
own experience and that’s really something that I value because getting
to know your professors really really makes a difference and it makes me more
interested in the courses that you’re learning and it shows how how passionate
the professors are about the subject that they teach ya know I had professor
right out as well I think that any type of class that you’re going to have
sometimes you’re worried because the class is so big and then you let the
professor is never going to know me but if you have a large classroom you’re
still going to have discussion sessions that are smaller and that’s your
one-on-one chance for the professor’s I many over four years by now I have
classes that are super small all my professors know my name I go to office
hours so it’s part of you be also being proactive getting to know your
professors they actually help you out getting internships getting jobs giving
you advice so many times they surf as you know that one advisor
you want as a career like what should I talk about you go with that this
professors so they’re active right now and most of them are active and in the
business world in my case so having things
connections and they actually know who you are in your name we exchanged emails
I haven’t had class with a certain professor two three years now and we
still talk every time we see each other I can sell shoot her out an email and
she’ll give me the best advice so you’ll definitely have those chances um another
question coming in is it hard to get a good grade at vu anything everything is
not easy I mean um you’re all really hard-working that’s why you got into bu
in the first place and that’s not going to stop once you get to bu
um everyone here is super hard-working your grades really do reflect the amount
of work you put into it so I’ve gotten my fair share of really
high grades for the classes I really did put effort into it I think that classes
are professors know your work they know we want to know they’re fair so um if
you do put the time and effort from my personal experience I feel definitely do
well um but you need to keep in mind it’s it’s about it’s college you’re
you’re going to put in the work and effort to get a good grade I want to ask
something especially if you have done like advance credits or like IV courses
because I thought I be in my high school and coming to college I never believe
this but it’s true like those advanced credits actually
help you in class and like getting adopted adapted to college so like it’s
definitely possible to get good grades and one thing that I just want to add to
that is in college one thing that you’ll realize is you have a lot more free time
than you did in high school because you don’t have those eight hours of
structured being in class in school so a lot of it falls on to you to be able to
partition your time correctly so that you’re getting all your work done and
it’s easy to do and if you do it you will see the results yeah and um what
are some essential items I should pack converter
oh yeah copper is in Brazil they’re there
the same as here my first week I’m spanking people charger everywhere um
and a coke oh yeah yeah it’s like oh I think that uh I think in general you
will be you’ll be prepared we I think we even there’s like an essential items
list for things for dormitories just blankets towels believe me people forget
socks oh I think anything you’re in the middle of the city but my personal
suggestion is invest in a good coat yes yes um
and what about clubs what do you do for fun on campus I am because I’m a culture
in the College of Communication we have a television show called like BT v10
which has like many shells in it like and I’m working on sets for show called
face plate which is a drama series and even on IMDB you can like watch it
online and you kind of really get this
experience on being on set with cameras and like everyone can join so that’s one
of my favorite classes on campus I’m mostly more with Santa cold pizza for
work information screen investors and I realize this cup because we have two
amazing advisers Liam McCartney and passions and online that they’re really
great like I like to I like to be the same among them they’re really energetic
what to do is we help promote different events will be for example we have
different phone calling events that we call accept students and then we have
different like video emails like this one and we also write like you also have
different like professional workshops that be like meet up with students have
like study abroad experiences go over like resume reviews so us where I spend
most of my time yeah and so the way you find out about
these clubs you talk to your friends everything like that but number one
thing is this event called splash so as soon as you got to be you the first
month I believe even the first couple of weeks will have an event called splash
and every single group was going to put up their tables all the way from sports
to academic groups and you get to sign up get their emails if you like them you
can join I got emails every week about so many groups one of them is the
Brazilian Student Association of you be a set scuba so if you’re from Brazil and
you’re interested in coming over to booba that’d be great and if you’re
interested in Brazil but you’re not from possession also join group um there you
go a little bit of advertising about my group but yeah so you’re definitely able
to join so many groups that your problem is going to be time cause you have so
many groups to join one thing that I wanted to talk about that I do is I’m
part of the peer tutoring service that we offer at BU so this is done through
the educational resource center which is in the same building as the Center for
Career Development as we just talked about and what it is is you for free you
can come in and have another student tutor you in whatever subject you are
taking you have tutors in almost every single subject and that’s great fun
because you really get to help students with their learning and I really think
it is helpful for students that come in to hear it from a student who’s already
taken that class and gotten experience in that yeah so that’s something that I
also do for fun and also we how like beside from sorties and fraternities we
also have like co-ed fraternity for example I’m in that semaphore turns you
which is like very welcoming environment and you can like meet people with the
same passion you have and it’s also a boo applicable for like business
returned to engineering fraternity all those kind of yeah class size what are
the sizes so for culture box designs we have a class size of 27 students uh yeah
so they’re actually pretty different I think that from my freshman year or now
I’m a senior I can tell you they really vary so I don’t know if you guys
remember but I mentioned if you do have a very large class so for example econ
a one-column 101 they’re going to be really vague classes so what the BU does
really well is that they’ll split you into discussion sessions so you will go
in have a large lecture but then you get to go to a discussion session that’s way
smaller and that your professor is going to have that one on it’s very
intimidating sometimes to raise your hand and up 300 first in class so that’s
why the discussion sessions are there to make sure that you are learning them
it’s here that you get that one-on-one time and they get tense ask questions as
I got older and got more advanced courses they do funnel down so I have
classes that range all the way from 1012 people to 30 people so I think that will
really vary but if you do have a large class don’t worry about it your
discussion sessions will cover that only and also fun fact only four percent of
those classes are more than 150 students and more so what a lot of the classes
are pretty small um so how do you deal with the cold winters
your room pretty warm place I’m from a pretty warm place you guys have
experienced a little old yeah so it’s really unpredictable because for example
last week it was high 50s and people were going outside with just like a
t-shirt sweatshirt but and then next week like this beginning of this week
it’s snow so it’s really hard to like predict what’s going to happen in Boston
so but I think the best deal is to get a good coat and then just I keep it with
you all the time and then when it’s born and that’s usually the first two days of
school you can just enjoy the weather and we have snow holidays which is nice
yeah if it’s like you really have Alex roaming outside you can stay in your
dorm yeah yeah so I think that I always tell people I’m from Brazil if I can
make it through golden Boston anyone can so the city is really this
infrastructure of the city really is for the cold weather so I wouldn’t worry
about that and also because we’re in the city of Boston there’s no even when it
is really cold people still go owls they still have a
good time they still do a lot of stuff because um we’re not going to stop
ourselves from having a nice meal and a restaurant just
because it’s cold so how do you preference but cults and having a good
mood no matter what and we prepare foods for sure
oh and be use be you facilities really clean up the roads and also the side
rules so you can walk to class easily even if it’s not a snow Molly yeah
and how many classes do you take per semester oh that’s a why Jeff so yeah so
generally you’ll take four which equates to 16 credits each class four credits
there are opportunities to take more credits than that if you would like but
it’s definitely advised at first to start with those four classes just so
you can get a feel for the difficulty of the classes and if you can manage the
workload but yeah so so for but there is some room for for adjustment if you feel
that you need that as an international students um you need to be taking 12
credits in general rule of thumb so you will be taking at least three classes in
general for last semester I took five so that’s the range but as he said for it
is the standard and what is food like on campus wants to share there are so many
options like you can eat from like a a part of the world like we have the
dining halls which are like if you’re in the Dining Plan which you would be you
can go to the dining go and get any food you like they’re like Chinese and then
fast foods also healthy options go to three options and like you can go to the
char Sherman Union which would we were talking about earlier and get any food
you like there it goes Starbucks being very Jamba Juice Wells is there’s so
many options even Domino’s they deliver to our dorm and you get to pay with your
bo ID card what we call our Terrier card so you have two different types of
things you have your dining point and plan and meal plan but you also get
convenience points to basically the cash on the card that you get to use for
things such as a convenience store you can buy all the way from smaller
materials you would shop a little bit for your dorm all the way to purchasing
actual meals so in the George Sherman Union it’s a food course you get to buy
food there but you also if you want to order Domino’s in your dorm late night
they deliver until 3:00 and you get to use that card anyways we have
restaurants on campus as well like my favorite in Moodle sweet okay buddy like
you’re really close to the city so you can just walk to restaurant and get
there if you’re not feeling like campus food
I think my favorite thing about bu dining hall is the fact that they cook
in front of you favorite part of the day it’s I told you guys not a fan of
breakfast I sleep in but when I do make it the
omelet the next station is aggressive so they cook in front of you as I said so
you get to it’s like a hotel you pick it was like I want him I want tomatoes on
this on that and to push one your omelet and they do cook quite a lot of pasta
cheese burgers everything it’s done in front of you guys yeah yeah and favorite
place to study on campus so the building that I live in right now the honors
college dorm Kalish on hall we have to study rooms actually in our building
which is cool ones on the bottom floor in the lobby and then one is on the top
floor with an awesome view of the Charles when you go up there it’s really
cool because you have two sections you have a quiet section and a you know not
quiet section and the whole entire floor is lined with windows so you can see out
onto the Charles on the other side you see Fenway Park and it’s cool because
you can just go out there study with your friends if you’d rather be left
alone and you know plug in headphones you can go to the quiet section and it’s
really good for getting your work done because you’re just in this one space
where you have your own space and can study as much as you want and my
favorite place to study is actually the low building and that building is green
eyes because they have the most comfortable chairs and they had the
biggest tables so when I had like bowls or readings or like five
si I usually go to the pool building it’s really quiet
it’s like good way to actually concentrate and at the same time be
comfy if you’re like sitting I like studying out the door showing you the
second floor because it gets so much light which is very important for me and
the view is awesome like you look at the Charles River and kam bridges all ahead
of you and then the tables are really big so that’s like it yeah and what is
Greek life like at BU um I can actually mention a bit about it around 12% of our
campus is Greek so you have Greeks as the lot I mentioned we have different
types of Greeks so you have the actual typical sorority fraternity um that you
guys might have heard of in the u.s. it’s pretty well known and those are
clubs have been existing for years and generations and it’s super different
than what we call for example our business fraternities or as you
mentioned is a memory of the calm one so it’s how’s it like each one of them will
have their own different appeal uh and it’s important for you to find the one
that you like the most join but as I said only 12 percent of
our campuses Greek so if it’s not for you um you can also be okay not joining
I Percy for example most of my friends are in one but I chose not to and I have
just as heavy of a social life as everyone else does yeah and did you
visit campus before orientation um did you guys was a campus I did I did not
and that actually didn’t turn out to be the worst thing um we had something like
I had talked to people on the phone from bu I watched a lot of videos and it just
gave me a general sense of what it’s like on campus
and I mean you know take my word for it coming to be used is really awesome the
campus is great um people are awesome so you’re not really missing out how
much I think if you don’t visit campus don’t worry you will still feel welcome
and at home here and for those who are not able to make it to the campus yeah
really good YouTube videos that actually shows like step by step from like the
students perspective they show you like the freshmen dorms and then they show
you different dining halls and you’re going to like different classrooms
that’s really nice to like actually see that like in my work on a virtual
platform yeah so I also wanted to comment on the fact that uh that I
didn’t visit that had actually no influence I think on on you know
choosing my meal planner or where I lived because there were those extensive
videos that actually for example like I there’s videos that show you through the
dining halls that we have or through the various dorms and those are those really
do give you a real sense of what it’s like additionally if you’re looking at
you know what it’s like from the perspective as a student we also have a
snapchat we have a snapchat but that’s at apply to be you and they’re what we
do is we regularly have students like I think Ali did it where they take over
the snapchat for a day and we’ll just take videos and pictures of what their
regular day is like and it’ll really give you a sense of campus life of view
yeah and um there’s a question interesting question why did you choose
for you I think all four we all have a different perspective and I think well
we’ll really want to share that one why did I choose view I have three main
reasons the first was I wanted to be in a big
city so the city of Boston for me I come from a city some follow has 18 million
people so having a place that would have quite a lot of people I honestly didn’t
want to be in the middle of nowhere I needed to City Boston is amazing the
second reason why it shows BU is because I was a little bit insecure about my
major so I wanted to make that I would leave here with a great
diploma no matter what I wanted to choose a university that if I did change
my major it wouldn’t be a hassle to do so the it really isn’t and then on top
of that if I did change my major I would be leaving with a great diploma no
matter what and my third main reason was the actual fact that I was international
I wanted to be a university that I felt accepted internationals really well and
that would have people open to a different goal channel also have other
people from other nationalities that would add to my life and would basically
take me around the world without having to leave Boston so I wanted to pick on
University I had those three things and via was the ideal choice and the one
that really did fit all these three things for me what about you um I mean I
definitely echo all those those reasons why I came to view and I think another
thing that I would add on is there are so many opportunities you and that’s
what I loved about it just speaking personally I love learning languages and
at bu we have over 10 12 15 languages that you can take even up to a high
level so that meant that no matter what I what direction I wanted to go what
languages I wanted to learn what languages that I already knew that I
wanted to improve in I could have those classes available to me and that’s not
just for languages but in all areas of view is just there’s such richness and
depth in the amount of classes that you can take and that was important for me
as I wanted to be able to learn as much as possible in as many different areas
as possible well for me like all those reasons and I knew I wanted to study
film and TV but I was not so sure about it and I didn’t necessarily have a
portfolio but bu gave me the opportunity to like take and enter as a human TV
student and like experience it myself and then now I have the opportunity to
work on sets or like take build classes without necessarily knowing that I
wanted to do that in high school and same applies to like visual arts
I’m also interested in visual arts but I didn’t have a portfolio for that but
video like gives me a person to take to take those classes without necessarily
having the portfolio and in addition to what dallara said i would like to
emphasize the fact that he’s really good at not finding different courses and
making sure that you can change those courses if you like don’t like it for
example you can come here on the kwid and about 80% of our classmates they
come in undecided and they chose choose their different majors and minors and
maybe like later on in the semester they add a minor at the different major
socially nice that he offers that flexibility and that mix-and-match
option throughout your studies and you can
still finish it in four years which is really good access and for me like my
main reason why I chose video was the fact that I know that college is just
one step away for my future and having the strong diploma matters a lot and bu
is really good in terms of like employability we have many different
resources as we mentioned cents for credit development to help you find a
great job but also we have a great alum network that like ranks helps the house
be ranked in the sixth most employable University in the world so that’s a
really prestigious diploma to have yeah and we’re actually having a new question
coming in do you feel homesick how do you deal with that school uh yeah a
tough question because I do like home I love home uh but to be honest I hope my
mom’s know what oh yeah I don’t um her birthday great thing succeeds right
there um I actually don’t feel homesick because there’s so much going on like I
do love going back home to get me wrong with Christmas break is amazing Brazil
summer so New Year’s are exhilarated but uh there’s so much going on I think you
don’t even have time to feel homesick I always am doing something you always
fill up your time so much um and I also manage to create my family on my own
here there’s such a big support system all the way from literally professional
staff members that can give you professional support and
epidemic and professional of development supports all the way to actual friends
that were all way from home even people that are from Massachusetts they don’t
go home every weekend so it’s everyone in the same boat in the sense that they
really don’t go home and it says inconvenient for us to go home someone
from California anyways so I think the difference is maybe the culture but as I
said bu is so welcoming and there’s so many people from different cultures
probably someone from your country as well coming to be you so I don’t feel
homesick does anyone did anyone go through a
phase where they did feel homesick I mean even if you feel homesick the
technology has really also watched that you can easily call your friends have
like a little video chat you actually feel like like you’re back home so it’s
really easy to like get in touch with them and they like continue to your
daily life and it’s going to be really busy here so as my life as Julian said
you’re not going to feel homesick at all for me like I’m a first year right now
and when I when I was going back to Turkey for the winter break I was really
happy to go back but like at the end of the winter break I was really happy to
come back here as well so like because of all the like Giuliana’s and all the
social activities like I thought I would feel homesick but I really like zone and
the Turk we also had a turkey Student Association which also helps because
like we have all those people from Turkey as well and I’m sure it would
apply to your country too yeah um and our last question of the
night what is one piece of advice you would give new students um I think
what’s the one piece of advice I would give myself if I could start over um I
think it’s dead involved for years go by so fast I thought because I so fast so I
always take advantage of the amount of opportunity there’s so much things so
many things that I regret that I didn’t know about because I literally didn’t
get out of my comfort zone into research and um I
the amount of stuff there is to do in bu is incredible so having joining those
clubs participating making more connections with my professors or
amazing professors that knew who I was and I could have continued my connection
and I chose not to and I regret it so much because I think that you can get
involved in absolutely as much as you can and grab it and take advantage
because view really does give you so much opportunity and it’s up to you to
grab they’re not out there giving you in a silver platter but you need to grab it
and I did grab quite a lot but I wish I embraced more there’s always more my
piece of advice would be um really find balance in your life and make sure that
you’re always doing everything that you need to do for yourself so it’s hard
when you first come to college the fact that you’re independent for the first
time and don’t have mom and dad telling you what to do but that means really to
make sure that you eat healthy you have time to exercise that you also hang out
with your friends but also have time to do your work so really finding that
balance and staying healthy and that will make you the happiest you could be
if you I will definitely say like don’t be afraid to get involved like even when
you’re a freshman you don’t like you shouldn’t think like I don’t have
experience they wouldn’t like me like when I first joined Beauty be ten I
didn’t even know how to use the camera and now I’m being called for the
location shoots or SSB camera so like it’s all about you like you shouldn’t be
afraid to just go for it yeah I agree and you know yourself better than
everyone else so I would just suggest you to get to know your skills try
different things and then seek out help if you need to because we are really
neat tight community that every student is expected to reach out if you need
something we have so many different resources that will help you get over it
and it’s really nice to be in this life coming to that you feel you actually
feel a sense of pride just be have you served yeah so I want to thank you guys
for participating and sending all your awesome questions I had a really good
time I’m sure you guys know um so the last thing I want to remind
you guys is that you can always send in questions that B’s a email if you still
have an enter question and above all congratulations you guys
did awesome for the past four years in high school and you should be feeling
very proud and we do really hope to see you in September
um so yeah congratulations and thank you so much for participating