Birds keep dying so Western University spent $90K to fix it

September 26, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

What’s going on Western! I’m Felipe, bringing you one of the top stories of the week. Over the last six months, over 200 birds have been hurt or killed after flying into the windows on campus. This has led Western to try to bird-proof the tall glass buildings. Western put a film covered in dots over the large windows of the Interdisciplinary Research Building. A project they started during construction last year. The dots make the windows more apparent, stopping the birds from trying to fly through them. PhD student Brandon Samuels says they’re already making a notable difference. He says this is a serious problem as some of the birds recorded are rare or at-risk species of the province, like the barn swallows the chimney swifts and the Canada warblers. But Western is worried about the price tag, ringing in at almost $90,000 just for one building. They had money left over from the construction budget. The city’s planning committee got involved in January to change a bylaw that addresses the light pollution saying it was a factor that was affecting the birds. The city and local advocates are fighting for the dots to be requirement for any new building on campus. For more information on this story, check out the Gazette online today. And if you like what you saw, be sure to check out our other videos. And as always, be sure to like, share and subscribe. Catch you later Western!