Big Questions Ep. 41: Georgetown University

September 15, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

(upbeat instrumental music) – I’m Sam Clark with Crimson Education and we’re here at Georgetown University to ask some big questions. That’s Geor, no, John Carroll. That’s not Georgetown. That’s the name of, that’s where we are. (upbeat instrumental music) First question. What is the
best thing about Georgetown? – Probably the location, just being in Georgetown, definitely a lovely, lovely town. And obviously you’re very
close to the city of D.C. Honestly, I don’t really
get out to D.C. that much but it’s nice to have that option. I’m not sure why they’re laughing so much. – I think that was a great
answer and they’re just, I don’t know what their deal is. – I think the people. I’ve met my bestest friends here so, they’re one of them. – Does that include them? – Yeah, Yeah. (laughs) – Now you guys better say
something similar, probably. – I think the best thing about Georgetown is the community here. – Professors, classes. I think the academic quality
here is really, really good. A lot of resources, career resources, super helpful at finding jobs. I mean the people I
know are my classmates. I’m graduating now so everyone’s placed in super good positions, you know, making good money. So, yeah. – So, I think the best
thing about Georgetown is definitely its location. Being D.C., we have lots of
opportunities to actually go out to D.C. And also there are lots of fellow students and also faculty members who actually work in
the government sector, which is something that
I’m really interested in. – [Sam] Unreal. What is the worst thing about Georgetown? – Worst thing about Georgetown. Administration and the
transparency that’s there. Specifically around like, different policies that we try to implement, or things that students
talk about that they need, and they’re like, “Oh, transfer
it to the Student Senate” that we know really doesn’t
have any real power. ‘Cause everything that
they do has to get approved three times over and– – It’s sort of a, it’s a circle. – Exactly, exactly. – People talk a lot
about club exclusivity, which is quite a big issue here I think. Yeah, so a lot of the
biggest clubs on campus, the most prestigious ones, they do end up being
quite difficult get into. – (laughs) The school work, obviously. It can get a bit hard and
it’s finals week right now so we’re all studying hard. But that’s college everywhere, so. – The rats. – Oh my god! – I’m sorry, did you say rats? – The rats, the rats are everywhere. Like when it hits six o’clock, rats are running across the world. – It’s scary. – Are you serious? – The wind. – Wind? – This entire campus is a wind tunnel. – Good to know. Okay got it. We picked a good day I guess. – Yeah. – I don’t like how the school
organizes its real estate and student housing. I think that they kind of lock students into these three year, it’s just three year period where you have to live on campus. And I think there’s reasons for that, but I really think that’s
kind of inconvenient for a lot of people who
want more flexibility. – [Sam] And what do you
typically do on weekends here? – I have my extra-curricular
activities on Saturdays and besides that I normally just hang out with my friends and study. – Well I’m part of a fraternity, so we’re on three different campuses, so oftentimes I’m doing
different programs at Georgetown or different social
events at GW or American. When I’m not doing that
I’m usually in the library. And when I’m not doing that, just tryin’ to find time to
just kick it with friends. – We like going down to the waterfront and sometimes maybe seeing
a movie if we have time. But yeah, it’s nice to just walk around. It’s a pretty place. – Yeah, hanging out with
friends on-campus or off-campus, and going to cafes to study is really fun. – Yeah, I actually love going to the Georgetown neighborhood. I think it’s easier to get into
the Georgetown neighborhood than it is to get actually into D.C. And there’s such good food here, it’s amazing places to
see, walk around, shopping. So, you always have a cool
playground to play around in. – [Sam] And last question. What did you write your
application essays about? – I’m Greek, and so I wrote
it about my middle name and how I really hated it growing up, and I would lie about what it was ’cause I just thought
it was ugly sounding. And then just how I kinda
came to terms with like, it might be ugly but it has
a really important meaning. And kinda just connecting that to just having a family
in Greece and stuff. – I wrote my college application
essay about my grandfather. – I think mine was about, on my way to school there’s a fence I have to jump over as a short cut, so I wrote about jumping that fence. Which is kind of ironic ’cause
the wall and everything. So, yeah. (laughs) – One was about this service
trip I did in high school to Morocco that kind of sparked
my interest in philanthropy and just service overall. And then I think I wrote about
the dichotomous experie… I’m in the South Side of Chicago. So, growing up with some sort of privilege just being in a very sheltered home, but still being in the hood of Chicago, there were a lot of different things that I dealt with that
were nuanced, you know. I didn’t go through
the ultimate struggles, but also life was rocky. And yeah, just writing about
the battling identities I guess that I dealt with as a youth. – Oh I don’t remember. Probably like identity or something, yeah. – Identity or something. – I wrote mine about a marathon that I ran and the lessons I learned from that. – Anything to add about Georgetown? – Hoya Saxa! (group laughs) – We have different levels
of school spirit here. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Gus] And here comes the
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