Big Questions Ep. 24: USC

September 28, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

(melodic blues music) – I’m Sam Clark with Crimson Education, and we’re here at USC to
ask some big questions. – I think the best thing
about USC is that you can make the school as big or as
small as you want it to. I get to come to the school, and they have awesome
football and awesome sports, and super high spirit,
but at the same time, you can make it like a
small liberal artsy feel and really get to know
the kids in your class, which I think is pretty cool. – I wanna say location. I really like where we’re situated. I’m a city girl,
originally from Chicago so being in the city and
having things around us is really great. We have a lot of opportunities because we’re right where we are. – The community. – Yeah definitely the people I would say. – I think the people and
also the opportunity, like there’s so many opportunities here. – The best thing about USC, I would say the variety of majors and having people from
all around the world studying different things. I really like, every
single person you meet is having a complete, different
experience and it’s all new. It’s really cool. – What’s the worst thing about USC? – Some classes are too big
so I love small classes. – Sure, Sure. – Yeah, just like finals week I mean like, USC’s a hard school to get into, it’s a hard school to stay into. Just being able to like study and kind of like, you know, get
the good grades and everything. – Financially, there’s just
not a lot of transparency so we consistently have tuition hikes, textbooks or prohibitively expensive, we don’t get free printing, but then they build the Village and put on expensive
functions at the Village using our tuition. So just a little bit
more support in that way would be helpful. I know a lot of people
talk about food insecurity and the restaurants in the
Village are very expensive. So that, like, overall
is kind of difficult, especially in a community
that doesn’t have that socio-economic status, it’s weird that USC hasn’t
been able to bridge that gap. – You get food fatigue pretty easily when you have a dining hall plan. EVK, Parkside and Village, they’re all great places to eat, but after awhile, you kinda want some Panda
Express or something. – Can you get Panda
Express if you need it? – You can’t get Panda
Express if you need it. You can get dining dollars. I unfortunately do not have that, so yeah. – And what do you typically
do on weekends here? – Hang out with friends, go to the beach, – party.
– party. – Usually just, like,
go out at night and then sleep later in the morning. – It depends too, like, if there’s a game we’re usually, tailgating, but if there’s no game then a lot of people are just, out in L.A. or like at the beach. – So Friday’s I usually go
out around campus and stuff, but Saturday’s I would say, I set a goal to see a new part of L.A. every Saturday, so yeah. – Have you achieved that,
like new parts every Saturday? – Every single Saturday. – Big, that’s big. Yeah. – Weekends, well
sometimes I take the Metro and I’ll go to Santa
Monica with my friends, go to 3rd Street, or go to the beach. I’m a big beach fan. I live around here, I
live like an hour away, so the beach is definitely a big thing. Also, I’ve gone to a Lakers game at the Staples Center and concerts at the Shrine. I went to like a $20
concert at The Shrine. – What concert? – Glass Animals. – We’re lucky this semester, we had somewhere like eight home games, so basically every weekend there was a home game to go to and basically spend the
whole day tailgating. Other than that, I’m
in a sorority on campus so we’ll usually have
like parties or events during the day or at night. – Wait, which one are you in? Do you have a sign? – Oh yeah, it’s ADPi. – It’s a diamond. Yeah. – ADPi. – I wrote about how I got
cut from the soccer team and they liked that. – Climbing Kilimanjaro. – Toy Story. – Toy Story. The first one or the trilogy? – No, all of it, the trilogy. – Like it’s all of childhood. – Yeah. – I wrote about a really
gnarly surgery I had in high school. – I was a runner in high school and so I wrote my common app essay, was about like a race that I ran and kind of struggling through that and I tied it into life. And yes, made it a whole thing, so I wrote about running. – I talked about when I
worked at Red Lobster. I worked at Red Lobster in high school and I just compared myself
to a lot of my co-workers and told characteristics about myself. – Cool. – And yeah, that was my essay. – I’m a senior here and I have no clue what I wrote my paper on.
(laughing) – Don’t worry about it. – Years ago.
– Actually, no recollection. – Well, here you are so… – If you like this video
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forget to subscribe. – Clear. ‘Kay you want to join in? – Yeah, I want to learn it. – Alright, how do we do it?
– Okay – (in unison) Hey! – (in unison) Oh! – Maybe, we spell it out? – S, O, U, T, H, E, R, N.
O, T, H. – Oh my, H, E, R, N. – (in unison) C, A, L, I, F. Word hey…
– (mumbling) Southern
– Southern – (in unison) California. – Wow, that was a ride, that was a ride. Thank you, thank you.