August 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hey guys, my name is Shubham Kejriwal and
today in this video, I will be talking to you guys about my top 4 laptop recommendations. So, I ended up buying this one which is the
HP 15cc130TX but on the journey to come to this laptop I had a look at a lot of laptops
and I shortlisted them to 4 top recommendations that I would be talking to you guys about
in this video. So, those four laptops were the MacBook Air,
the Lenovo Yoga 520, the HP 14BF125TX and this one which is the HP 15cc130TX. Why I picked this one is what I would be talking
to you guys about in this video but you should definitely keep watching for the rest of the
laptops too because maybe you would find those better than this one for certain reasons. So, starting off with the list, we are gonna
talk about the MacBook Air. It is a decent laptop with really good specifications
for the price tag at which it comes and considering the fact that it comes from a company like
Apple. It has a 13.3 inch display, it has intel core
i5 processor, it has 8 GB of RAM and it has 128 GB of storage. So, 128 GB of storage is the major reason
why I didn’t consider this laptop because I am a youtuber, I have to store a lot of
videos and this PC that I have right here has only 150 GB of internal built-in storage. That was not enough so I wanted a laptop with
at least 1TB of storage and that is why I didn’t really go for the MacBook Air. Another major reason for the MacBook Air,
why I didn’t consider it is the fact that its display is not as good in comparison to
other laptops in the same price bracket. Other than that, if you are considering a
laptop for basically, the MacOS Sierra is absolutely amazing! I have had experience with the MacBook Air
for about 2 weeks and I absolutely loved the UI that it came with. It is really really user friendly and you
should definitely consider it if your major concern is about user interface. Number 2 on the list is the Lenovo Yoga 520. Let’s talk about the specifications first
of all. It has 1TB of storage, 8 GB of RAM, intel
core i5 7th gen, integrated graphics, 14 inch touchscreen and a fingerprint scanner. So, why I didn’t consider this laptop is because
the color options and the looks just didn’t fit for me. Another really big factor for me was that
the 7th generation processor is what is in the heart of this device. I wanted to have a device which has the latest
8th generation processors and the fact that the lenovo yoga 520 had the 7th generation
processor*, they didn’t fit right for me. Another major reason why I couldn’t buy the
lenovo yoga 520 is because of the fact that all of the retailers that I talked to were
saying the same things: that all of the features that it comes with like the major features
like the 360 degree rotatability, the touchscreen and the fingerprint scanner are all almost
gimicky. Number 3 on the list is HP 14 BF125TX and
I absolutely loved that laptop. It has a 14 inch display which has 1 TB of
storage, 8 GB of RAM (DDR4 obviously) and 2GB of Nvidia 940 MX graphics card which is
DDR3. It has a lot of specifications sharing from
this one but the major difference is the fact that it has a 14 inch display. I am a youtuber and the major factor for me
is display! I need to get the biggest display possible
in the most compact size form available and this laptop proved that and that laptop with
14 inch of display just didn’t fit right for me! Another reason why I bought this one over
that one and the major comparison between these two is the fact that this comes with
8 GB of SSD and that one, I don’t think comes with any SSD at all! So, 8GB of SSD, comes with a bigger display
and has a—- This one also comes with a CD drive, and I
know, almost no one uses CD drives in 2018 but just the surity that my device would be
ready to run a CD absolutely is a secure point. So, those were my reasons for buying the HP
15cc130TX. In case you want to go for a more compact
laptop, you can definitely consider the 14 inch version too! Talking about the performance, this device
has been performing absolutely amazingly throughout the time I have been using it. *GAMEPLAY VIDEO* So, although this is not a dedicated gaming
laptop, it would be able to handle games pretty well and that’s all that you can want from
a laptop of this price tag. Talking about that, the HP15cc130TX comes
at the pricetag of around 64,000 rupees and the 14 inch model comes at a price tag of
somewhere around 66000 Indian rupees. So, I know, it is kind of a higher prictag
but in case you buy it from a local retailer, I’m really sure that you would be able to
get a really good deal and you would be able to bargain to a price tag of around 56 to
60,000 Indian rupees! And well, yeah, those were my top four recommendations
for laptop. In case you have any consideration and want
to know more about their specifications , you can hit me up in the comment section down
below and if you have to know more about any of the information regarding these four laptops
specifically, you can again let me know in the comment section down below and I would
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what I had for you guys in this video, thank you so much for watching, my name is Shubham
Kejriwal and I’ll catch you guys in the next one!