Best college course I took (that has made me MILLIONS)

August 14, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

– A question I get asked often
is what was the best class that you took when you were in college? And since I’m a finance
guy most people think that it was investing or maybe
some sort of financial class, but the reality was none of the above. The class that actually
gave me the best resources, that gave me the best
skills for my career, for my life is actually
gonna be very surprising. I’m gonna share what
that class is right now. (bright music) Welcome to Wealth Hacker TV. The channel dedicated teaching
you new ways to grow wealth that is not taught to you in
schools or by your parents. I am your host, Jeff Rose,
and I’m talking about college. Now we can have a whole debate about whether college is worth it. Is it the greatest scam
in modern day history? Like that is a whole other point. I can sit here and tell
you that I needed college. I was a bit immature back in my day and I needed forced
education, higher education, so that I could mature before I actually went into the workforce. So let me just go ahead
and put that out there. But when it came to the best class, the best course that I
took, I was a finance major. Had a finance degree. Had a minor in accounting. So many assumed that especially with me being a certified financial planner that the best class that
I took was a finance class or some sort of investment class. All of those played into it. Like all those were very helpful, but the class that actually
gave me the greatest skillset that I ended up using in my career and still use to this day was sales. That’s right. Sales. Now, I don’t even know if
it’s a class they still offer. It’s one that I didn’t know
a lot of business majors take because it was more of an elective. It wasn’t required to
get the finance degree. It wasn’t required to get
the accounting degree. It might’ve been like a
lower level business class, but it wasn’t required so this
was more of an elective class but there was just something
about it that appealed to me. So I signed up. Now another thing you
need to know about me and my journey of becoming
a financial advisor, starting an online business
was before all that happened, I was in the Army National Guard. I was doing that while I was in college, but I also had a part time mall job, and for at least I think
it was three years, maybe a little a longer, I
worked at GNC in the mall. So GNC is the vitamin supplement company, and with GNC they had a
really good incentive. Like they paid you yeah minimum wage, but if you sold certain products,
you got paid a commission. Let me tell you. Like I was pretty good at it, but I knew that I could improve, and I think that was one of the reasons why this sales class appealed to me. So I was very comfortable
being in front of people. I was very comfortable giving speeches. So, I didn’t need that to give me courage or confidence to speak to people, but I did want to learn
how to master the craft. So that’s when I saw sales as an option. I’m like yes, I am taking that class. One thing that made this class very unique and I don’t know if every
sales class is like this, especially in college but we only had like two major projects
to do the entire year. Everything else was just lecture and I don’t remember
even taking any tests. I don’t remember taking any quizzes. I just remember these two
projects that we had to do and what these projects were is that we had to sell something. We had to identify what was a product or service that we were going to sell and then we had to sell
it to a real person, which was another
classmate and the teacher, the professor would then record
us selling to this person, making sure that we had
topped the sales principles that he had taught us
throughout the semester. You know it is one thing to give a speech, to get onstage and give a speech, or to give a speech in a class, but to have a sales
presentation be recorded like there is just a little
bit more pressure on me compared to those other things, and keep in mind this was
well way before YouTube, so I wasn’t used to doing YouTube videos or any types of videos for that matter. So having a sales video
presentation like recorded like I ain’t gonna lie. Like I was very nervous. And it’s funny because I
remember one thing that I sold, but I don’t remember the second thing, but the first thing that I sold as part of my presentations was kind of easy ’cause I chose to sell protein powder. Whey protein powder. Why? ‘Cause I worked at GNC. I was working out so I
knew the product very well and I felt comfortable choosing that, but I hadn’t really ever sold it the way that he had taught us. So I was excited to see how
would I change my sales pitch. How would I change my
delivery following the step, the methods that he had
taught us and let me tell you. Like it was different and
it was so much more helpful and I did use that to my advantage when I went back into
my part time mall job, and let me tell you. I sold a lot more protein,
a lot more multi vitamins, a lot of GNC gold cards after
I started using this method. So why was this sales
class so helpful to me and why would I recommend to you if you’re watching this,
if you’re still in college that you should take a sales class? Well here are my three biggest takeaways from taking this class and
what I learned from it. So the first takeaway that I got from taking this sales class
was I had to slow down. If you watch on my other YouTube videos, you probably notice that I talk very fast. When I get very excited about something, I just get really excited. Start talking really fast. Sometimes I slur and sometimes
I got all this saliva in my mouth then I just keep taking, talking, talking, talking but
this taught me to slow down. To take a breath. To make sure that I enunciate
exactly what I’m saying, but it also helped me
to collect my thoughts. To make sure that what I
was going to say was going to be said in the best way possible, ’cause sometimes when you talk
too much, you talk too fast, it can be very intimidating to
the person, to the customer, to the client, to the prospect
who you are selling to. So just to take a breath and slow down and it also invited that prospect
to engage in conversation ’cause they can feel like they can actually get in a few words. So slow down. Something I need that I
need to remind myself often when I’m doing these videos. The second big takeaway that I got from taking this class
was learning to identify what were the needs that
this person was trying to do, trying to achieve, trying to accomplish, and the one way that you do that is that you ask a lot of questions. You ask a lot of questions. Just finding out exactly what
are you trying to accomplish. What other roadblocks have you
occurred trying to do this? Is there anything else that you’ve tried? Is there anything else that
you have concerns about that this might not work out for you? Is there anything about this
product that concerns you? Have you tried something else like it? You just ask these questions so that you can learn more about them, and you just ask questions and
you shut up and you listen, and in that I learned that the more that you can get the other person to talk, the more that they’re going to trust you, the more that they’re going to open up and share exactly what they want, their desires, their greatest concerns, and asking the right questions, and this was a skill that I apply when I became a financial advisor. There were times like I
didn’t know everything about their situation as far as like I didn’t know everything
about estate planning or IRA distributions or
how to pick the right ETFs or the right stocks. Like I was still learning my craft and learning the right way
to do financial planning, but the way that I was able to combat that and the way that I was able
to earn their trust was asking a lot of questions,
especially open ended questions. You wanna ask questions
where they can simply respond with a yes or no. You wanna ask questions
that engage conversation and allow them to speak and truly open up. Alright the third big takeaway was how I could take the needs, the goals, the concerns they had,
identify what those were, repeat those back to them so
I had a clear understanding of where they were, what they
were trying to accomplish, and then show them the product or service that we had to offer was
the best fit for them, and was just learning
that to help them see what we had could’ve helped
them achieve their goals ’cause oftentimes you see this in sales, and I’m sure this has happened
to you time and time again where you go in and you
ask a quick question and that sales person
is shoving their product or service down your throat
as if like oh here we go. This is what you need. Well how do you know that? You haven’t asked me any questions yet. Like you need to know
more about my situation before you can recommend it. So by asking those questions and getting a deep understanding of what they wanted to accomplish, when I was ready to present my solution, our product, our service to
them, they were ready to buy, and I can remember like it was yesterday. I had a guy come into GNC and
he was trying to gain weight and trying to put on some muscle weight and I ended up talking to him
for like almost 15, 20 minutes which is almost unheard of in a mall job, and I remember I ended up
selling him some protein, some creatine, some multi vitamins. He ended up spending like over $150, which was like a huge ticket
item there at the mall and I can remember my coworker, who I think was my boss at the time. He was just like what were you asking him? What were you guys talking about? Like I could never talk to anybody, any customer for that long, and I’m like well dude that’s
your problem, it’s not mine, and that’s why the guy just spent $150 because he trusted me
because I got to know him and knew exactly what he
was trying to accomplish and I could also relate to some
of the concerns that he had and he could feel that in our conversation and through me going
through this sales process, which he didn’t feel
like it was sales process because it was truly conversational and it was me getting to know him more than any other
apparently GNC salesperson or any salesperson they ever had before. Maybe you’re not a business major. Maybe you’re not a fiance major. You’re probably thinking
I don’t need sales. I don’t ever wanna be in sales. Like sales-y people just annoy me. They scare me. But here’s the thing right. I don’t care if you’re a finance major. I don’t care if you’re a teacher. I don’t care if you’re
going in as engineering. Like sales is a part of you. Like you are always
having to sell yourself, whether that is selling
yourself to get a raise, selling yourself to get a promotion, selling yourself to get a new job, and to understand some
of the basic principles that allow you to
understand the sales process that allows you to put
yourself in their shoes. Understanding where they’re coming from will increase your chances of achieving whatever it is that you
are trying to achieve. So, don’t give me the excuse
that sales is not required in your career or your field. Like you need sales. You need to understand sales. And that’s why I would suggest if you’re still in college
taking a sales class or reading books on sales,
listening to podcasts on sales so you get the idea, you get the concept. So yes taking a sales
class in my college days was a huge help in my career
and help in my college job and then in my career
and even what I do now. Like sales is a part, a lot of what I do. It allows me to communicate with people and ask the right questions, and takes away that feeling awkward of like man what do I say? What do I ask? Like I know that because
I’ve been doing sales now for over almost 20 years and I love it, and you get to know
people, they trust you, and it’s just a fun relationship. So that’s the class that
had a huge impact on me, but what about you? What was the class that you took that had a huge impact on
your life, on your career? You know sales was amazing for me, but maybe there’s another
class that you took that you could look back
on and realize dang, I’m glad I took that ’cause
it has helped me so much. What was that class? Share in the comments below
so that others can know how you benefited from taking this class. Alright y’all once again this
is Jeff Rose reminding you that it’s your money, it’s your life, and only you can make it awesome. Until next time, peace.