AWESOME DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES || Funny Back To School Hacks!

February 18, 2020 0 By Stanley Isaacs

To some people studying is an art and
there are lots of fun ways to make boring reading a little more interesting!
I’ve always underlined my notes and needless to say it’s pretty
underwhelming. What kind of highlighter is that? Okay,
I’m about to drop some knowledge on you Sofia
simply take a regular yellow highlighter like this and bleed other colors right
into the tip you can do as many as three different hues see it’s so simple give
it a try whoa it’s like a pretty rainbow is bringing life into this boring
science material yep this highlighter has officially kicked my sorry little
pens but studying suddenly doesn’t seem so bad after all school is officially back in session and
that means your brain is probably hard at work these days either way it’s not
too late to take the school year by the horns and make the most of your lessons
all this test-taking really makes me work up an appetite
aha a little sugar jolt is exactly what I need right now
which one should I eat first huh fine you can have them back I don’t
think I can wait till lunch to eat behold more delicious chocolate jeez
what’s a girl gotta do to get a man oh maybe the sweet treat around here wait a
minute I know exactly what I should do put one of your binders onto your desk
and open the metal rings take it clear sleeve and assemble it onto the rings
poke it through if you have to now stash your favorite treats into the clear
sleeve now you have your very own secret stash is the coast clear time to indulge
in a secret snack nothing to see here people shouldn’t you guys be focusing on
your work way to play it cool Lily time to reward yourself for a job well done yeah that’s stuff
hey is it somebody’s birthday when it comes to a friendship you guys deserve
it ain’t plus man you blew all those up Amy
looks like Sofia got stuck with a tedious task of pencil sharpening that
stuff sure makes an awful mess doesn’t it okay whoa we have a wild one ladies
and gentlemen my pile of pencil shavings have you ever heard of happy accidents
this little accident is about to spawn a genius idea if you’re tired of getting
pencil shavings all over the place try putting the sharpener into a deflated
balloon now you’ll never have to worry about making a mess pretty clever Sofia all right that’s it for today what no
homework yes have a beautiful afternoon everyone oh right the school day is finally over
oh man work on the first day no this is bogus oh god make it stop
welcome back everyone starting off the new school year means having a good
attitude and paying attention in class boom I know it’s for yes you’ve got it
right way to go man this year’s gonna be a piece of cake two times eight thinker
sixteen Wow someone went to summer school yes I know
this one come on over here Olivia the answer is 20 suckers what I
know it all does this look more realistic to anyone hey wake up huh
where am I oh man it’s only the first day and I’m already behind uh two plus
four was it hmm something sure smells good in here
Wow talk about a balanced breakfast Wow Olivia hook do you have enough time in
the morning to make all this nothing like starting up today with a nice full
belly and lucky for Olivia she’s got plenty of time to eat it all before
class tonight start with a waffle or the crap waffle okay this looks more
realistic a bowl of stale cornflakes coming right up
know how to do it oops yep this new school year is getting off to a great
start hmm
do these match yes they fit like a glove every girl knows half the fun of getting
ready is putting on their makeup zip fries the way to be am i right ladies oh
and a perfectly lined lip to match Wow look at all this great glosses to choose
from yep today is gonna be great and look at
those perfectly rounded curls good all right let’s do one last outfit check
before I head out the door nope not a flaw in sight Wow could those pennies be
any cleaner oh I’m still so sleepy oops forgot to do the laundry last night
I could make this work never mind how about this one good enough all right
time to make this mug presentable whoa ever think of organizing your makeup
Vicky okay do I really need to wear makeup today
yes I’m beautiful just the way I am okay this outfit is all right
I mean I’m going to class not a beauty pageant right finally the last class of the day okay
let’s get situated here I’ll definitely need all these good I should have known
that would happen oh no here comes a me pink what’s out girl oh man
there she goes geez what are you trying to do kill me or something I didn’t mean
to I swear it’s alright in right I think I know how to solve this problem have an
empty bottle lying around take a plate and cut the bottle open just below the
neck be sure to watch those hands next to take a free-standing zipper and unzip
it about halfway down on one strip of the fabric put a line of hot glue but be
careful not to get it on your fingers before it dries press the fabric with
glue against the inside of the bottom half of the bottle I’m already cut now
take your pens and markers and stick them right inside the makeshift pencil
case those puppies are safe and sound and need to borrow a marker Lily oh so
sweet thank you
why buy an expensive case at the store when you can make one as cute as this
one right at home huh kevin has red nails I’ve gotta see
this okay I better put this thing away before
the teacher sees everyone’s gonna see all my notes this shit seriously be
happening well well what do we have here are these notes let’s read one shall we
the teacher has a funny hairstyle well you say up on my grading papers and see
what you look like in the morning out of all my notes I can’t believe she read
that one toting around sensitive material take a notebook and cut some
paper that measures at half its size now take a glue stick and make the side
sticky flip the paper over and press it down on the lower half of the booklet be
sure to press it down with your fingers to make sure it’s secure once that’s
done find some decorative tape and design it however you like me toes
hearts to put at the top border of the pocket don’t forget to tuck in the ends
Wow check out this hammy no pocket hey Amy got another note for me now you
never have to worry about unfortunate spills again woah Lily I sure hope
you’re wearing a seat belt on that ride oh man I totally lost my place thanks a
lot Lily Thanks feel bad yet Lily well there may be a
way to make it up to her and all you need is a paper clip take a regular
paper clip like this one and then the ends up in a word see how it kind of
looks like an X once you’ve done one you can do the same thing to other paper
clips of different colors come on you’re so cute hey Amy check this out
with this little guy you’ll never lose your place again oh it looks like a
little heart yes Papa hook and I made some extras for myself too