Author: Stanley Isaacs

UMass Women in Science: Shannon Roberts

My name is Shannon Roberts. I’m an assistant professor in industrial engineering. My research area is human factors engineering. The focus is transportation. A lot of my work has to do with driving. And in particular, we look at how drivers interact with their car and how they interact with other items that may be…

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2018 Graduates Transfer to Top Universities

At Green River, there’s no limitations, because there are so many opportunities here. I will be attending Columbia University. University of California Berkeley. UCLA. University of Buffalo. Virginia Tech. Purdue University. UCLA. Western Washington University. University of Texas, Arlington. Purdue University. John Hopkins University. I got accepted to Columbia University, and I also got accepted…

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Australia Ranked Happiest Developed Nation

(Image source: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) 
 You might find a few more smiles down under compared to other places across the world. Home to beautiful beaches, magnificent coral reefs and extensive deserts, Australia has been ranked as the world’s happiest nation among developed economies for the third year…

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