ASK international Students and researchers about Germany مترجم *Precious information*

September 12, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I love it I come from India I come with you my name is Farah Tardos I’m a researcher originally from Turkey I am a hair I come from Egypt I’m Acharya I lived in Germany since one year I came here hello everyone I hope you are doing well today it’s a special and interesting video that it will ask some of international students and researchers here in Germany about a lot of important things that you need to know before coming here and before choosing Germany so I would like to share their experiences and advices with you which I am sure that includes many precious information you cannot find them everywhere if you have any question or opinion you can subscribe to my channel below and watching more videos or you can find me on Instagram or Marvel Comics just ask and I will answer all of your questions let’s go yeah we know is that I decided to come to Germany because my race to with you that has a partnership here which favors Ferguson University so this is the way that I find it to arrive here and I decided to come to German because I invested enough the civil engineering so I know that engineering leader in German it’s real stronger and you’ll be really good to my future if I know speaking German and all these amazing country so what’s the difference between studying in Germany and in your homeland in Brazil what’s different yeah totally and some of the German Disney very situation images they are in German and so really I started to turn out to be one of the subjects but was really hard it to me beautiful thank you though and now I find the other subjects that they are in English this universe vary from subjects in English and which are meets really good and so I don’t have exactly how to cook very because I’m not doing the subjects of civil engineering to make Institute’s better or my diversity results better so it’s great huh but less questions I would like to ask you about how do you find the people here the German people in Germany is a friendly or not do you have any experience almost all my friends are other exchanges to them and I think if you wanted to have a German friends you really need to do enough hard for you because they are like it they were nice you but if we simple if you have determined that you answer exactly what wealthy in their not trying to be your friend name or with you three two one action hello I love it I come from India I’ve done my engineering in mechanical engineering from India and right now I’m doing my Master’s from India and right now I’m doing my masters in Deutschland my fields is a machine valve as a mechanical engineering and I study computational mechanics I came to Germany for several reasons first of all was the quality of education secondly the feel of Kosta you don’t have to pay a single thing just a semester ticket which you pay of course for the transportation which is more important than your degree let me tell you and thirdly I wanted to travel once you hire equal to travel meet new people and living in this new culture they are the people I love the people I mean consul you see the still it’s a beautifully and jungles are cold and stuck and well deserved III think I had a quite different experience I have a few Joan friends and I it’s very interesting that they are not at all cold what is all this out you just have to go and talk to them so yeah it depends from person to person people some people even face races racism here but I never had any experience that for myself but yeah I think it’s quite nicer these studies are very well organized the professor’s the professor’s here and be teachers are very organized yes what’s the difference between studying here and studying in India so the main difference I find between studying in India and in Germany is in India that was the professor’s wish to spoon-feed us in our days to like providers materials and for everything but here I think for the expect you to do your own thing you know we just have to they just give the lecture but you have to do your own research you have to go home and study again and make your own those nobody would help you about yourself so what do you study here in Germany I’m so greater how do you find studying here in Germany is it easy or it’s difficult [Music] [Music] advantages culture surround yourself with different people and not just german people all my friends are from different countries in its experience how’d you find people german people and they’re kind of hard on the outside but once you get to know them they’ll be a lifelong friend and you’ll talk to them for the rest of your life but finding new friends when you’re starting from Ground zeroes a little harder because the language Thank You Daniella and you’re welcome okay eins zwei drei yeah can you present yourself and do what are you doing here in Germany okay my name is Pratyush I’m a researcher originally from Turkey I’m here in Germany for a postdoctoral research position I’ve been here for about about nine months now the German scientific landscape is quite rich I can say there are lots of opportunities for emerging scientists as well as established scientists and also for students because unlike many countries the education system is organized so that higher education is practically free of charge almost for students and also international students alike I guess in most cases I think I’m among the lucky scientists whose research agenda happens to fall into the privileged categories of research by the German higher education system my experience so far has been quite nice we didn’t the academia unfortunate I guess I can’t say it for the table life the organization of their lives because although German people are quite nice when they’re treating strangers unfortunately not a lot of people are fluent or willing to speak a lot of English so I wait to learn German quite fast it will go faster than I anticipated but in general I guess I could say to climb in a friendly and welcoming towards a foreign scientists is there any advantages to studying here or to making result here if it’s easy or not I guess there are many advantages and Germany ranks in the top five globally in terms of the number of articles produced nearly and also extremely meticulous country into the meticulous traditional research unfortunately not all the programmes are international so about this I think one must make a thorough search thank you for us it’s nice to hear that from your experience know exactly what you want and what you want to study and so I think everything it was more simple for him if he completed the language if everything about the language here so it helps him laughter oh of course he can’t find a job a mini job everything you know hello did you present yourself okay I come from Egypt and I am 22 years old this is my first semester in touch done so I think how do you find study here what’s the difference between study here and study in Egypt I think there’s two main difference between studying here in the Egypt the first one envisioned is that our course description are very big that we take a lot of courses that we I think we didn’t need it at all but the courses here are most accurate and the efficiency and the only studies that courses you only need it so I think this is the first door on the second difference when you come to study in not here every but in every country aboard I think is you going to meet some different culture you’re going to learn to meet some people to then subsequent this country about some country and I think for engineering because I study engineering I have bit of sheds or better chance to make a green tea leaf here more than usual thank you very much to hit people you