Apply now to get the best college financial aid package

September 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

school students — Choosing where they want to go to college.. And that application process could be a little intimidating.. 27 First News reporter Christina Mullen has been looking into how to make that process a little easier.. She has those details — NEW THIS MORNING… Applying to college is a lengthy process… So the sooner you get a head start on the application — The smoother the process can be.. But there are some mistakes many students make when choosing a college path.. Rushing — students should take their time when applying.. Students should ALWAYS proofread their application as well as their essays to make sure there aren’t typos. And another common mistake is people thinking college isn’t affordable… LOOK AT THAT NET PRICE; SORRY TO TALK A LITTLE JARGON, BUT TALK ABOUT NET PRICE AS OPPOSED TO STICKER PRICE, ALMOST LIKE SHOPPING FOR A CAR. YOU NEED TO FIND THAT RIGHT NUMBER THAT YOU’RE GOING TO PAY AND THERE’S ALL SORTS OF LOANS AND GRANTS AND AID THAT CAN HELP YOU MAKE THAT COLLEGE DREAM COME TRUE. FASFA is a great tool in helping to fund college.. The free application for student financial aid is open now — And the sooner you apply — the better your chance is of getting as much aid as possible.. For more information on FASFA and how to have a smooth college application process — head over to our website,