Advantages of studying in Ireland as an International Student –  undergraduate and postgraduate

Advantages of studying in Ireland as an International Student – undergraduate and postgraduate

September 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

hello everyone this is Paulo Santiago
here from Logos Global Education and thank you so much for coming and
watching this video today it’s a a privilege to have you here
it’s our first time actually doing a live broadcast here on Facebook but it’s
an intention to transmit our message and spread Irish higher education. Basically
as you know my name is Paulo Santiago and I have been working with higher
education in Ireland for the past eight years we have been developing and
recruitment in in Latin America especially in Mexico, Chile and Brazil
and we have been developing these countries and advising students on
how to study in Ireland and I’d like to share this experience with you so that you can actually get the best advice on courses
and on admission process as well As you as you can see I’m gonna carry out this webinar in English
but I’m originally Brazilian I speak very well Portuguese and Spanish as well
so you’ll be able to any comments that you have you can leave your comments
down there and say your comments in Spanish say your comments in Portuguese
I will be able to read them out and later on I will try to do and have
webinar in Portuguese in another web not in Spanish where you can be in contact
with me at any time any language how to suits you because we are here to provide
you the best service and to help you to get into the best universities in Ireland
so the idea of a Logos Global Education so basically is we are a hub of
universities here in Ireland and we at the moment we are we have been
working with 12 universities and we are extending this so we expect by the end
of 2020 we have more universities working with us working along this and
so basically it’s a hub of universities where you can save time and save effort
as well because you can actually get all information that you need in one place
so you can get the information that you need with us and we transmit the
information your documentation to the universities where you want to save time
in terms in terms of the the process itself and and basically with what the
university requires from you it’s exactly the same process that we are
going through me as well so we we will help you to be admitted and onto Irish
universities and this is a pleasure and that’s what we would like to do and help
you out to do so in that regard so any any comment any any feel free to write down there put a “wow” here put a like and say what you are feeling right now
because we are here to help you to help you to thrive and that’s what we would
like to do and and you know make sure that you get the right information so
basically a what is the the process the basic process that you should go through
in order to come to Ireland and take a higher education the first thing you
should think is should I take an undergraduate
or postgraduate so just to put it just to explain a little bit further so
undergraduate so we finish school you take an undergraduate and then a
postgraduate if you already have a degree in your country so you can
actually continue studies in Ireland so there are two options that you can take
they are quite distinctive in a way undergraduate usually can be is slightly
more difficult than a postgraduate and why? because of the
schooling system so the school system in your country can be slightly different
from the schooling system in Ireland and you may have to take to start an
undergraduate course in Ireland you may have to take an extra year but that will
depend on the universities, the university that you want to enroll so just bear
there in mind so that can be one thing that you should you should consider if
you take an undergraduate I usually I say the postgraduate it’s it’s easier
it’s like easier because most of degrees abroad they are compatible with Irish
degrees so you can actually take , you can take your course your degree in
your country and also take a postgraduate in Ireland which is which
is easier it is likely easier to get into the country
okay and the postgraduate and postgraduate courses have more
advantages as well one: once you finish your
course you can actually take a two-year stay back option which is it is called a third
degree graduate program which is the stamp 1G and we doing this program
what happens is you can you allow to stay in the country for another two
years and then these two years as working visa. So you can actually work in
normally in within these two years so that’s a great
advantage of taking a postgraduate. Undergraduate, you also have these
schemes but what a great way to just bear in mind so like the cost itself
you’re gonna take like a – sorry three four or it depending the course even
five years and undergraduate gives you as well, one year a ‘Third Degree Graduate
Scheme’ which also allows you to work full-time for the time span it’s a
little bit longer and it and also it can be a little bit more costly as well, so I
used to say to student the most cost-effective approach or
option would be to take a postgraduate and also like it’s easier because
postgraduate as I mentioned is usually designed based on the industry
based on the industry which help universities to design these courses
preparing students for the marketplace so that’s one thing you should you
realize you should have in mind as well okay so having have
in mind so a one thing you another thing you should consider as well when you’re
taking a postgraduate when you take either a postgraduate or an
undergraduate it’s very important to think of the English level the English
language, okay so usually if you’re international students if you if you’re
if you English or if you haven’t studied through English okay so you may take a
proficiency English language exams which one are they what are they so usually
the most accepted ones are IELTS also TOEFL, TOEFL IBT( internet-based test),
Cambridge and then Cambridge it is divided into different levels or you
have CAE which is Cambridge Advanced English to English you have the FCE with is First
Certificate in English usually FCE is good for undergrad and CAE is usually
for postgraduate and there is another exam that many people don’t actually
know it, which is ‘Pearson Academic English’ so Pearson Academic English is a less
known exam but also it is much faster so basically you can actually take that to
them in two in two weeks from now it’s very easy to book and these exams is
available in the biggest cities in Brazil I also like it in Ireland as well
if you are in Ireland so you can actually take text exam as well. So these
are the options in most of universities these will be
compulsory to take if you haven’t studied through English if English is
not your first language so just just bear in mind there, okay? Let me talk
a little bit about universities that – we work with. So we have 12 universities
at the moment that we are working with and each universe is different from each other each university has its advantage
each universities like they can place in different areas of knowledge, so it’s
very important for you to know that to know the importance of universities and
it depends everything depends on the cost that you’re gonna take I’m gonna
quickly go through the list I have a list here with me of all universities
that we work with and slightly talking a little bit about just a few lines on
each University. So the first thing, but before talking about each university
itself, I just wanna just say it slightly a difference between public and private
universities okay, so public universities they are as
you know so they are subsidised by the government, okay? Private universities
they don’t have these this capital that comes from – comes from the government
or they’re self-governing this is very important because price will vary a
little bit usually you have as an international student, prices at private
universities or private college usually they are lower than public universities.
Why is that? Because public universities so you it’s so for instance, usually
international students they don’t pay tax in the country so therefore they the
fees, university fees are higher at public universities than private
universities. So bear in mind they’re public universities are subsidized by
the government, okay? So which doesn’t happen private universities and
you’re gonna have it’s like the difference in fees like.
Accreditations are the same, so the same accreditation that University or the
cost is the same private and public so there won’t matter so they they both
accepted and usually most of colleges in Ireland they are accredited by QQI, Qualifications Quality Ireland, that is a body that oversees education, higher
education, okay? obviously is there and apart from universities, because each
university has its own accreditation, but they are compatible to each other so
it’s important to say that you’d show so that you’ll be you know once you are
looking for a university they must have these accreditation. So let me go
through quickly to each universities that we represent, this is a very
interesting and so we have universities in the city of Athlone. Athlone
Institute of Technology, I don’t know if you know Athlone, it
is an amazing city, I’ve been there a few times the, Athlone Institute of Technology
it has a big campus is so basically it if you like sports if you like you know
like green areas like that is a great great university that you can actually
be and their strengths are software engineering they are a hub of companies
over down there in Athlone where you can actually be employed it’s a high the
high employability so is high importortant employer you can be high employable
taking that course at Athlone Institute of Technology. Another course
that is very good over there we placed one student
in pharmaceutical biotechnology it’s a great course as well and the cost
benefit of these courses is amazing so an average AIT have courses in an average of €10000 with the cost benefit is
very good so this is Athlone, one hour and a
half from Dublin, alright? Let me talk about Limerick. In Limerick we have two
universities there, we have University of Limerick, University of Limerick have courses at the same standard as Trinity College, UCD, DCU and and it’s
likely again so in terms of the cost benefit like because they are not in
Dublin, so you have benefit on the city that is slightly cheaper and also fees
and these colleges are also cheaper so like a course at University of
Limerick is an average is like 14, 15 K which is slightly cheaper than Dublin
and and also there are few courses at Griffith College. Griffith College are in Cork Dublin and Limerick as well so you have this option to go to
Limerick. Another city in Ireland we have Cork.
So in Cork you have Griffith College as well, they also, they are
based there, Griffith College is a private college and there are great
courses in terms of international business and law as well so it’s good to
bear in mind. So another, we are we haven’t still,…
we are now in view of having a partnership with University College
Cork we we have a few contacts but we still we are developing the partnership
also UCC I don’t know if you heard about about UCC, University College Cork,
it’s something like it’s an University that we are in view of establishing a
partnership and we hope to get this partnership soon but also they have a
great range of course like they have courses in nutrition and they are the
only diversity in Ireland they have an undergrad in Brazilian Portuguese so if
you want to take an undergrad degree in Brazilian Portuguese so University
College Cork is the university go. Alright? Now, let’s talk about Dublin. Dublin is where we have the most of our universities
and also the pool of students most people they are in Dublin. In Dublin we
have the largest amount of jobs is where but basically one-fourth of the Irish
population if not one-third of Irish population actually live in Dublin so
and you have the largest number of companies you have everything that you
have in Dublin so it’s an option, the first option for most of
students the downside of Dublin is the price, the
rental price it’s very very expensive at the moment, which is the downside of it. For instance, Athlone has an average of 66 percent, in terms of rental, cheaper
than doubling so just for you just a comparison for you, okay? But
everything happens in Dublin, most things in Irleland happen in Dublin so that’s something
like you should bear in mind. Let’s talk about the universities
that we actually represent in Dublin all right, now I have all this year put
in alphabetical order for you. Dublin Business School is a private college and has very good MBA courses they are very famous for Accounnting courses as well. So you are an accountant? Dublin Business School is a great
choice for you and also they have something quite unique, they have MBA in
different streams so they have Masters of Business Administration in seven
different streams: finance, project management, finance. marketing, cloud
computing, information systems which is quite unique, okay? So that it would be
like the strength of the Dublin business School and also a new course now that’s
coming up which is the Data Analytics so it’s a college – yeah if you look into
and a great advantage also you can take if you are living in Ireland
you can actually take an English placement test over there, so that saves
you time and money to take IELTS that is a great tip for you. Second one
is Dublin Institute of Technology. So we work with Dublin Institute of Technology. Great range of courses, they are having
our status of university, that is good to say, Dublin Institute of Technology will have from January status of University/ they have great
areas. What I would highlight is tourism management, hospitality management and engineering courses they have an average of
ten engineering courses and it’s very cost-effective as well as a postgraduate
over there it’s an average of €12.5K
which is very good in comparison, in terms of cost-benefit of what you’re gonna get from that. Here is a good option for you for you who is an
engineer, those who like hospitality management
that’s the university that I would certainly recommend you to go okay?
also, CCT Dublin, great at IT courses. They the market is taking more and
more students from CCT, IT and also business management as well it’s very
central, it’s just off O’Connell bridge very near, so you you know exactly
where it is so there’s no big problem National College of Ireland.
National College of Ireland stays at IFSE IFSC, so over there great
courses international business is a course that I really highlight and
cybersecurity so that is a course also to consider great range of courses in
terms of business psychology and data analytics as well so that is National College of Ireland the facilities at National College of Ireland, if you haven’t been there, the
facilities at National College of Ireland are very modern, very new.
they have the gym, the new library, everything brand new, which
is great for students and also transport system, the “Luas”, the tramline just leaves you at the door of there and connecting very
easily to the city so that is another university which we work. Trinity College Dublin,
which is the most known University in the country, the most prestigious, they
have a range, just change College alone over a thousand courses they have
courses especially in human sciences, from theater to
philosophy, linguistics these very good, they have a
great hub of Technology as well so usually companies go to Trinity
College to get the students even before they graduate that
is that is a great potential for you who really wants to like get into the the
market in the labor market in Ireland because Trinity College offers that to
you, so it’s it’s fantastic and a reputation Trinity College has, if you consider a few rankings, world rankings so you see Trinity
College figuring very high on the list so which is it’s very very
remarkable as well so it’s the highest ranked Irish University. Bear in mind
and Trinity College is very different from everyone else, the
admission process is very different but we are very proficient at placing
students at Trinity College, if you wanna go to Trinity College, speak to us we will
help you to thrive and get there. The last university but not
least is UCD, University College Dublin. which it has been elected where students get jobs quite easily after graduating at UCD. It has the highest rate of employability in Ireland. UCD is the
biggest university in the country. It is within the best 100 universities in the
world. Again, so also like in different areas like I highlight the biomedicine
and bioengineering courses, great courses in that area over
there so you are looking for course UCD has a
great range of courses there and we are proficient at placing you
there as well. So in terms of fees I’m just quickly just go through here fees
will depend on the University. all right? so it’s not one fee for all universities
so depending on University if you’re talking about undergraduate okay?
undergraduate fees they can vary from €4200
two if you are going to do medicine talking about sixty thousand euros a year. That is the range that you have in terms of fees and also universities
some universities you would pay some universities you would pay €10K
a year on an undergraduate courses twenty, thirty depends on the cost
depends on university okay so that is more or less how fees work
for undergraduate. For postgraduate, postgraduate, usually as again I
really like postgraduate courses, they are short courses if you have a degree
in your country, fees for usually they range from €10K ten thousand if the most expensive one
that I’m aware of is €30K thousand which is at UCD MBA, Smurfit
School of Business, but the expectation the amout you pay for a postgraduate in Ireland so you have an expectation to get the
return on investment quite a certain Bear in mind, if you invest ten
grand or ten thousand ten fifteen thousand in a degree, in a
postgraduate degree, once you finish your once you finish your courses it’s likely
you’re gonna get a job and if you get a job away you bear the minimal like you
remember you can actually work full-time after finishing like a postgraduate
course if you get the minimum so it’s the expectation, if you earn the minimum, is
twenty thousand a year so that means in the first year working so you actually
pay the the investment you made. It’s just a matter of, I used to say
eagle-eye, and one word that I really like in English language is “vision”. I
know some Portuguese and some spirit in Spanish speakers actually it’s slightly
different because vision in English language you have the difference between
“vision” and “sight” and I like the vision because vision is to see the invisible.
The investment pays off and then, you get the return of that after you graduate. I am firm believer of that. just have a vision and an eagle-eye and you
will you will get there so that is a very interesting. So, they basically
there was an overview of a higher education in Ireland so I just quickly
went through a few I feel bits This video will be a will be on Facebook so you can we can see all over, there’s no problem at all I
know I spoke in English, but as I mentioned at the very beginning so I
speak Portuguese and I speak Spanish very well and I will give you a
consultancy at your language, so I will be speaking to you in your language what
you should do so at the description down there leave your comment and also you will see a link where you can actually book an
appointment with me and we’re gonna have a one-to-one and I’m gonna clarify
every questions you may have again, I’m very proficient at
working with higher education in Ireland and I’ve been collecting experiences
throughout these years so I can actually I’m in a position to advise you
on the best course for you that you may make an informed decision about which
course to take, not just take a course just for the for the sake of it, just for
staying in Ireland, but you take a course that really will make a difference in
your life and that’s what we believe that’s what are we here for we are here
for to assist you as I mentioned about it’s all about the vision, we are here to
make sure you have that vision and you go beyond. Thank you very much for
watching, God bless you guys, leave your comments
there wanna book an appointment with me just we will see the link down there, God
bless! Take care guys bye bye