A Slice of Life @ Bay Area Part-Time MBA – UC Davis Graduate School of Management

October 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I chose UC Davis because I wanted to stay in the Bay Area, I wanted to stay in my current position and also I was looking
for ways to advance my career, and this part-time program actually was really
perfect. Bay area program, in particular, you can be part-time and still continue to work
and not rack up a bunch of debt that’s really great. There’s such a wealth of
people that are here that’s so valuable for personal growth and for a career
growth. – It’s more about the relationships, it’s more about my personal growth and it’s
less on the actual pay and position right now. Our quarter is about ten weeks
long so I feel like I’m able to take the concepts that I’ve learned in classes
and immediately apply them into the workplace. – I’m currently in the construction
industry so my work schedule is really intense. Also, I’m balancing that
with weekend classes every other weekend,
but I found it since I’ve gone in grad school that I’ve really been really
focused and on what my schedule is and I feel like I have more time now because I
plan everything out. – The more I’m advancing in this MBA the more it feels
like the professors are teaching us things, but they also are trying to
elicit things from us and they know that we can really contribute to the
conversation. – So in my class in particular we’re trying to impart a
managerial mindset onto people. We’re trying to expose them to ways that as a
manager you can go into an organization and immediately understand what’s going
on. We start with a little bit of lecture then we will go and discuss case, a
real-life case of a organizational problem and then we’re going to break
out and do small group sessions where they need to identify a problem that’s
happened that demonstrates leaders showing sort of characteristic traps of
leadership. – So far my return on investment at the UC Davis Graduate
School of Management is it had given me the confidence to take on larger tasks, and
roles at work and to be more of a leader. – This program
being small, but everybody has an opportunity to
contribute his or her vision and make a footprint.