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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
THE EARLY BIRD>>It’s only one hour till class starts. But where is everybody?>>Ren Yi Xiang. Ren Yi Xiang. I forgot we had homework yesterday. Can you help me?>>Help you? As in let you copy me?>>Yeah?>>Okay but only you
’cause you are my best friend.>>Copy? Did someone say copy?>>Copy? Copy! Copy?>>Where? Where?>>Is this it? Is this it? Where is it?>>Guys! Guys! Guys! I don’t think I did it properly though.>>I knew we shouldn’t trust you guys.>>I trust you.>>That’s nice. I don’t even trust myself. THE POPULAR BOYS>>Guys! Guys! Sorry, sorry! So I’ve done all your homework. So this one is yours. This is yours. Yours. Yeah, I’ve done yours. So can I sit with you for lunch? Please?>>We’ll think about it.>>Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Okay, just take your time
to think about it. I’ll wait for it. Wait for the answer. THE POPULAR GIRLS>>Hey Nicole. I got two tickets to the Black Pink concert, do you wanna go with me?>>That’s so sweet. Just say yes.>>Okay.>>Okay. Then I head back to class first.>>You see. Guys like these
are the reason we are single.>>Are you sure that’s the
only reason why we’re single?>>Wait! Are you telling me that I’m fat?>>Wait, what? No! No! No!
I did not say that!>>Hey, I’m not fat, okay? I’m buff.>>Yeah. Sure. Sure. That’s why you’re in TAF club, right? Sure.>>Aw, Ben is so sweet,
thoughtful and kind. How I wish I’m Nicole. She’s so lucky.>>Well, I can be sweet too.>>Come on. Stop playing around. I know that you like guys. Let’s go to class.>>I like guys? Hey, since when did I like guys? THE CLASS CLOWN>>Class stand. Class greet.>>Good Morning Mr. Muthu Raja!>>Good morning Mr. Muthu Raja! THE PROBLEMATIC STUDENT>>So, if s equals 5, that means P3=N15 You guys understand the equation?>>Jian Hao! It’s already 9:15.>>So?>>So? What do you mean “so?”>>You are late,
and this is the third time this week.>>I’m not late. Everyone is just early.>>That’s right.
Go back to your seat.>>As I was saying, if s=5, P3=N15 You guys understand the equation? So you guys use this equation for your exams and you will pass. THE “TOILET” STUDENT>>Alright class, now I’m gonna
talk to you more about this country called KarmaSutra.>>Sorry, can I go to the toilet?>>But you just came.>>Alright, as I was saying, Karmasutra has a very small population. It only has 69,000 people. We– JianHao?>>Is that MapleStory M?>>Yeah.>>Come. Join my guild.>>Maybe later?>>JianHao You need to start taking school seriously. I can’t help you if you
don’t help yourself. How are you gonna
do well for your exams if you don’t memorize your equations? Come on.
Let’s go back to class. THE LOVE BIRDS>>For me?>>Pass to Nicole.>>Ben. THE DISOBEDIENT STUDENT>>JianHao, can you pay attention
and stop using your phone in class before I confiscate it?>>Hey, why you keep
using your phone in class?>>I’m playing a game.>>What game?>>MapleStory M.>>Oh my god. Can I see?>>Yeah.>>Oh, I play this too.
Can I add you as a friend?>>Yeah. Let me show you how. So you just tap on this
and you go here–>>Did you not hear me earlier? Wait! Is that MapleStory M? So how about we try
the Elite Dungeon? I heard there are rare items.>>Okay.
>>Yeah. Okay, so you guys promised. After this, we go back to revisions. Exams are coming soon
and we need to revisit our equations. So P3 equals?>>N15.
>>N15.>>So students,
as your principal, I regret to inform you that
your form teacher, Mr. Muthu Raja, will no longer be with us. Alright students. Sit down.
Sit down. Have a seat. From today onwards,
Madam Soot Beng will be taking over.>>Alright class,
I am Madam Soot Beng, and I teach the top class in this school Now, I know all about each
and every single one of you. And I want all of you
to write a 2,000 word essay as homework and
submit to me by tomorrow. And one more thing. No more equations. THE BULLY>>Hey Kevin.
>. Yeah.>>You want to be a
part of our group, right?>>Yeah, of course. Definitely.>>Do my essay.>>What? I haven’t even started on mine.>>Then you better start working on it. THE FREELOADER>>Hey bro, do you have a pen?>>Yes, you do. Thank you.>>Hey, can I borrow a portable charger?>>Hey, bro. I just want to tell you that
you left your essay in the table.>>Hey Kevin. Where’s my essay? Is it done?>>Yeah, I just did it last night.
Just for you. THE PLAYER THE SABOTAGE>>Oh yeah. The turtle is cute.>>JianHao, stand up!>>Show me your homework.>>Alright. Wait. Where is my homework?>>What a surprise.>>No no no! I promise,
I did my homework.>>Of course. JianHao Tan did not do his homework.>>Teacher!>>What homework? I don’t remember you
giving it to us yesterday.>>Yes, teacher.
There was no homework.>>Yes, teacher.
Maybe you messed up the dates. If you’ve given it to us,
we’d have done it for you.>>Teacher, can I go toilet?>>Teacher, we didn’t
receive any homework.>>Yeah!>>Teacher. This is our homework.>>And this is why
you’re my favorite student. So diligent, hardworking and honest.>>Madam Soot Beng! Ben and June were
kissing at the canteen. We all saw.>>What? Is that so? Then detention for all of you! THE DETENTION STUDENTS>>Mr. Muthu Raja was so much
better than Madam Soot Beng. I’m sure he’ll come back
one day for us, right?>>Mr. Muthu Raja sucks!>>You suck! You know what, we wouldn’t
be here if not for you. Pretty boy.>>Hey! I said no talking.>>Hey everyone,
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