7 Strangers Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

September 26, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

(roaring, screaming) (sighing sadly) (suspenseful music) – No. – I came ’cause there was money involved. – I know, I said– – I know, me too. (laughing)
I was like give me that money. I just want y’all to make
the ones rain so I can dance. That’s all I want.
– I don’t know, you can’t put a price on attention. (laughing, gasping) – Love that, okay, okay.
– Damn. – What?
(gasping) – That’s it, that’s it,
that’s the end of it? – Guys, here’s the thing. We could each leave with like $150. (laughing)
– No, I’m good. Give me the whole bag. – Oh. – Get the fuck– – Damn. – Yes. – So what’s everybody’s sign? – What does sign have to do with anything? I wanna know bank balances. I wanna know personal stories. – Negative 300.
– Uh, yes. – Personal stories? So I’m black in America so shit sucks. That’s why I deserve $1,000. – I’m am immigrant. – So am I.
– So are we. – I’m not saying no. – What if everyone who’s
not black leaves as a form of reparations. (laughing) Then the rest of the three
of us get to decide who takes the $1,000.
– Yes, love that. – What if we donate the money? – I know who needs to go
’cause you said to charity, so. (laughing) – He’s number one. – I think you gotta go. I’m sorry. – I mean, I was kidding.
(laughing) – Okay, were you? – Yo, but you wouldn’t have
said donate to charities if you were really kidding,
if you’re really broke. – Right. – Cry a little bit.
– Cry a little bit. – You are especially vocal. – I spend every single day
trying to save the world. I work on issues of climate change. I am a good person and I need new tires. That is why I–
– You came here for your tires.
– Deserve $1,000. – I am tired of hearing this speech. (laughing) – I spent my entire day moving today. I spent over $3,200 in
rent this month alone, plus moving costs,
bribing people to help me. – Liar! – [Kat] No! (laughing) – Okay, okay here we go. I haven’t been working
since April, so it’ll be my third surgery within a year
since my initial accident. Like seriously my bank account is literally like negative 300 right now. – If you’re going paycheck to paycheck, where are those paychecks comin’
from if you’re not working? – Hold up, hold up. If you got hurt at work- – Where your workers comp? – Yeah? – That’s where paycheck to paycheck. But you only get how much of your income, you only get 60 percent. – 60 percent of your income since April. It’s now, how you been
gettin’ workers comp for six, seven months? – Like y’all asking too
much questions but that is the truth. – I am 19 years old. I
am a full time student. Money would really freakin’ help. I just bailed out my
parents $10,000 and that was actually what I was supposed to use for my daughter’s college fund. Sorry. – What if we helped you by
connecting you to a mentor that we know. – Yeah, I know some people. – [Hodan] And- – I mean, if you give a
man $1,000, you feed him for a day, but you teach
a man to make $1,000. – Exactly.
– And you feed him for life. – So at this point, I’m
not workin’ as well. My bills are, my husband
was able to pay them, but they’ll come up again. And we may end up homeless. – Now how long haven’t you had a job? – Since September. – We’re in October. – Yeah, (laughing) it’s been 30 days. – We’re all thinking, wait where are we? (laughs) – But are you choosing to be unemployed because the jobs that are available don’t pay you as much
money as you wanna make? – Uh no. I choose to be unemployed because the jobs I applied for, they tell me I’m not qualified
for because I’m black. – I don’t see how anyone could say that. That’s not legal. – Because you’re white. – Yeah it happens way too often. – Oh I’ve got a headache. (laughing) – My brother’s getting
married in Michigan. (group laughs) – This is already a no. – You want the thousand
dollars to go Michigan? – So I can be at the wedding.
You should’ve been like, “My child died and I’m not going to be able to buy her gifts.” Like that would’ve been way better. – I want to be there for my brother and for his fiance and– – Facetime in. (group laughs) – Hold on! – Um, you can Facetime them, yeah. – Yeah. – I can’t with this (laughs). – Okay, that’s all I have to say. – Aw come on guys. I mean. – Don’t be mean to her, right? – Don’t be mean. – You didn’t defend anybody else up there. – I know. Why didn’t you defend me? – You didn’t defend no one. – Yo y’all jumped on me. Y’all jumped on me like some hyenas. – My only case that I can make is that, I work hard. I’d use the money to fix my car because I’ve had a busted windshield and a busted bumper for awhile. – But it’s still operable, right? – Yeah for sure. – So you don’t really need it. – I was going to say, nobody’s bullying him because you bullied me when I said tires. – I was going to say, you can catch a light rail. (laughing) We should write something down. Put it in a pot and then maybe one of,
somebody else can read it. Like, I’ll read it. – I’m her. Her name is my name. – Your name is my name. – Is your name too. – Okay let’s go. The first person who is up
for elimination tonight is Hodan. – Hodan. The least you can do is pronounce my name. – I’m sorry. – Joe. – Abbe. – Joe. – Oh shit. – Joe. – [Group] Oh, oh no Joe. – What the fuck. I taught you that. – Isla? – Ilah, – Damn. – Joe. Sorry Joe you gotta go. – Sorry, Joe.
– Bye, Joe. – Well done, Joe (claps). – I didn’t have a wedding to go to, or a car with tires. – It was nice meeting you, Joe. – Okay, Cool. – [Shakera] I hate this. – We’re closer to the thousand dollars. – [Group] Yes. – Oh do your thing. – Abbe, you should go next because, (group laughs) You just need the money for a plane ticket and I feel like you can save for that. And if you really wanted to go, you can take the bus. You can take the Greyhound. – Amtrak. – You could Amtrak. – You can drive. – You can drive, yes. – At this juncture, I’m so sorry Abbe, but I have to agree. I gotta pay for plane
tickets, too and I just– – I just had to pay for one too and I could barely pay my rent. – My priority is buying a house and yours is getting some tires. – I need to pay for my house, too. Besides, I need to pay for my house. I have a house loan that I would like to pay for before I die. – I know I’m going next, so I just want to say something. – Why do you think you were going next? – Because she could be going. – Because everybody stood up and said, Abbe I think you should go next. – Well two people out of six. – Only two people, girl.
– That’s a third. – Now you gotta go, because
you don’t believe in yourself. – Yeah you don’t believe in yourself. – So here’s what I think
is interesting though. I’ve heard that I’m white so
I can’t understand issues. – I never said that, I never said that. – I’ve heard white come out of multiple– – She’s white also. – people’s names. – Okay? – It’s my turn to talk, let me talk. So I just think it’s interesting that race coming from me, towards anyone of you would
be ghastly inappropriate. But race coming towards
anyone of you towards me is appropriate and– – Please don’t put me in that cause I never said anything
about race and I do not– – I did. It’s appropriate because you have the privilege to be
a white person in America. – I’m Hispanic. – You should’ve spoke up when somebody called you
white the first time. Somebody miss guessed your race like somebody miss guessed your gender, you’re gonna speak up about it, correct? – Well no because I felt
attacked in that situation and I was hearing you say, you don’t know what I’m talking about because of the color of your skin. – Stop! (crying and laughing) – Why are you crying? – Because I feel so fucking bad. (group laughs) I’m starting to feel bad for everyone. I’m at this point where
I want to stick around in the match so I can be
actively in the discussion. But I’m starting to hear everyone’s input and I’m like, like oh shoot. Maybe I don’t deserve this. You know I’m like, fuck. No, I’m not forfeiting. – Okay so, everyone who
thinks I should go home, please raise your hand. Okay, that’s done. Now (laughs). Anyone who thinks that
Abbe should go home, raise your hand. – Anybody thinks that Ilah should go home, please raise your hand. – Oh. – You said you didn’t deserve it, girl. You gotta be full of
yourself at all times. – Do you have an exit speech? – Shit, I really hope they
were telling the truth. – Girl you should never say
I don’t deserve somethin’. – Cheers. (group laughing and applauds) – She left like a flower child, right? – Honestly, this is why I’m– – Are you still crying? – Pretty darn glad I left. Jesus, girl the game over. (laughing) – She literally said, “Like I don’t know if I
deserve this.” (mocking rudely) – Oh! Like that’s what, she said it. And I’m like, wait a minute. – Honestly I’m at that point where I’m starting to think whoever does get the money does not deserve it. – What’s crazy is, Abbe was on the chopping block. She was like, I know I’m next. Oh you do? Okay then you’re next. But then you got up there, and you just. – And you started crying. – And you were like, I don’t even know if I deserve this, okay well never mind Abbe. You’re next. – Yeah you had one thing
that none of us do, and that was a child. – Is a child. And you could’ve played that baby card. My baby aint got no diapers. My baby ain’t go no wipes. I’m out of breast milk! – That would’ve worked on me. – You could have. She should have used what she had to get what she needed it. It’s a Players Club line. Ronnie Hoe quote. You live by it, you get everything you want in life. – You got to get what you want. – Say it again, Shakera. – Use what you got, to get what you want. – Hey Chris, is that how
you’re playing this game? – No I don’t got a baby. (group laughs) – He don’t have a baby. – Yes, because they’re
gonna fall for a sob story. – Sob story? – Yeah sob story. If you needed the money for yourself. – Well if you’re gonna fall for it, she would still be on this couch. – No but she fell for, – But she almost fell for it. She fell for the one Abbe gave us. The only thing that messed her up is, I don’t deserve this. – She fell so hard that she didn’t even think
that she deserved it. – So I was listening to you guys. – Well I don’t know how to explain it. You just have to have a
heart of steel right now. – I didn’t vote for your girl (laughs) – Cut will not be keeping
that thousand dollars. – Trust me. – [Group] Yes. – You ready to vote? – I’m ready to. – How are we going to do it this time? – How do you guys feel
about games of chance? – No.
– What do you mean? – No, I don’t trust that. – Like rock, paper, scissors? – Oh no. (laughing) – Absolutely not. – Like rock, paper, scissors. – Just throwing it out there. I’m throwing it out there. – Okay you want to flip a coin? – No, I don’t believe in chance. – No way. – But do we want someone
with a heart of steel to go home with a thousand dollars? – If they have actual,
factual needs for it then yes. – Of course it’s not about your heart. – Don’t you have a heart of steel? Don’t you need a thousand
dollars for a plane ticket? Girl you better get a heart of steel so you can get your plane ticket. – Like I have a really hard financial time a couple months ago, and I gave so much plasma that I passed out on the bed. – Yeah I have a scar too. (group laughs) – Just a minute ago, you didn’t know how to get money to go on a plane. – If I have a plasma scar, doesn’t that tell you I’m trying to do
everything I possibly can? – I mean, are you? – Yes. – How about we walk up to a whiteboard and just write the person
that we think should go. Everybody walk up to it, and just facing the camera. Then we’ll turn around and show the people who has the most names on the board. Let’s do that. – I’m good with that. – I’ll hold the board. Oh shit. – Me next? – Oh damn, do I even need to write mine? – So I think it’s an unanimous decision. Sorry Abbe. – Well good luck to all of you. (group applauds) – Thank you ,that was stress. – Oh shit. – I don’t know. How will we decide? – I want to believe
people when they’re like, because I just can’t be like, – You gotta go. (group laughs) – Naw, bro, I’m just being real right now. Well you tell me here,
is why I believe you. – We have two black women, a white woman and a black man. – We’re kinda all on the
same level right now, like income-wise. – You don’t need a thousand dollars. I need it because yous a white
woman and I’m a black man. – Well we would about equal out, though. – But if you’re making
more than me you just said. – Well first of all, I’m making more than you
because I have a job. – Exactly, so I need it more than you do. – You have a partner with
an income and she doesn’t. – But my partner’s income, – Is not sitting on this couch. – I’m sitting on this couch,
so we’re two different people. – Discuss. – Why you wait until you got
eliminated to start playing? – Right? (group laughs) – Guys sometimes I can’t
talk louder than y’all. – You just gotta. – Shit. – I just need to know
that if I hurt my knee and I’m out of commission, I can’t be a bartender. I can’t be a hairdresser. I can’t do that. And I have fucking nothing. So, like. – You’re a hairdresser? Hairdressers make a lot of money, girl. – Stop looking for minimum wage jobs. – No I have jobs. I’m not looking for a job. – Well then why don’t you take
it from three jobs to one? – That’s like saying
why don’t you get a job? – I mean I’m in the
process of getting a job. But I would never work three jobs and be stressing myself out like that. – I don’t have a choice. I got nothin’. And I’m doing the fucking best I can and if I don’t get a break, I genuinely don’t know
what’s going to happen to me. – That’s everybody, though. – You guys were talking about like having like guaranteed futures and careers and stuff, and I was just saying like, having a kid is like, talk about a guaranteed
thing in your future. Like that’s a guaranteed future to me. – You had the child. You had sex and had the child and now the child’s here. So you have to pay for your child and be responsible for it. – Arguably that can be said
about everyone’s situation. – I mean it could be. – How? I didn’t ask to get hurt and not be able to work without my money. – I didn’t ask to get laid off. – No one does. Yeah, that’s the thing I think is what we’re all saying. I don’t think we’re really listening. I just think we’re kinda talking so. – I just want to say to
the next person to go, it’s not personal, it’s really not. – Hodan. Hodan. Kat! That’s me. Oh it’s a tie. – I think they should tie
breaker amongst themselves like sudden death. (group laughs) – How about they decide? – Sure. – That is not fair. – We got to figure something out. – We can take some input. I don’t think that they
should be able to vote, but I think that they should
be able to give input. Because they’re objective. – I don’t think that’s going to be fair because every single one of them before they got out voted for me. So what are they going to say? – Are you sure? – Yeah. – How do you possibly know that? – I saw you write my name down wrong. You voted because you
wrote the thing wrong. You just look like you hate me. – You just assumed about me. You assumed that about me. – Can you give us a second. Can we pause for a minute. – Can we really pause? I really don’t need you to antagonize me. Why don’t you just be quiet. – I have been. – Okay then keep going back to that. – She’s in charge everybody. (laughs) – See that’s uncalled for, unnecessary. – Really, like I shouldn’t
have responded back to that? – I mean nobody’s over
here talking to you. Right now you’re just wasting our time. – Alright that’s enough. We’re getting off topic. – That’s true. I shouldn’t waste the time. – No, no, no. – You voted for me and she voted for her. So why don’t you guys talk about. – I was just saying that. You don’t know who voted for who. – I voted for Kat. – I didn’t. What, why would you say that? – I thought it was your handwriting. – You don’t even know what
my handwriting looks like. You’ve never seen it before. – Chris said that he voted for Kat, then Hodan had to vote for Kat too because Hodan wouldn’t vote for herself. – That’s true. (group laughs) – So I think that instead of
the two of us talking it out, I think you too should talk it out because we have vested interest. – Why would I talk it out? My name ain’t in there. – Whatever. Guess so. – Everybody’s taking
everything too personally. – I think it was strategically done. – This was strategically done. – Fuck y’all. Get a job (laughs). – I will. Do some hair more. – Okay so. – Nobody’s getting that
fucking money. (laughs) – No, one of us will get that money. – Should we just walk
to the back and do it? Let’s go. – Let’s go. – None of em’. – Yeah, can I like just
like recuse myself? – Recuse (laughs). – Mum’s the word. – I’ve already said my story. That’s just it. I have no money. My partner, granted my husband does make money, but that is money to pay
for our little bills. I’m not doubting your story. – I’m just saying that my income I do have is equivalent to you
having that man in your life. – So when was the last
time you paid your rent? – I paid my rent this month. – I haven’t paid rent this month. – This is the thing, you can get a job. Because of my condition, I can’t. That’s the thing I feel like. – I think they should just split it. – For sure, for sure. No doubt. – I don’t trust this. This is not a pure competition at all. – No this is a massacre. – I’m just going to like weigh in, feel free to feel how you feel. I already decided that I
was going to vote for you. I want you to take the money. And it’s not because I hate you. We’re all black, I love all of us. I feel like I can find a way to help you like with the jobs thing because I’m also looking for, definitely in my organization– Thanks for the time check. – I don’t like the guy. I don’t like him. Girl you were throwing some
serious shade eyes right now. – No those are just my eyes. (group laughs) – I don’t really have
anything else to say. It’s been a mental anguish on me. It’s been rough, it’s been hard and I just don’t know what’s
going to happen after. – So what if that doesn’t happen? Then you just won a thousand dollars? All I gotta say is I’ll be homeless, so. – You guys we can’t leave
this money on the table so let’s rock, paper, scissors. – I’m not rock, paper,
scissoring for that. That’s ridiculous. – Okay well then we’re leaving this money. – I’m voting for myself. – I mean but yeah, it has to be three of us. – Are you still voting for Shakera? – Yeah. – Okay, come on. – Deliberating amongst ourselves. – Yeah. – We decided on Shakiera. – Yeah we picked Shakera because they had already decided prior. And instead of leaving
this money on the table, mind as well give it to
somebody who could use it. I just hope you’re not lying. – I’m not. No, I’m really not. I’m not. – I already knew that. I’m okay without this thousand dollars. I mean it’d be nice to have, but it’s not shaking
my world up right now. – And she’s in a worse
predicament than us. – And I would rather that
money go towards Shakera. – Thank you guys. Chris. – This has been an awful experience. This has been nothing but sadness and arguing and conflict and hurt feelings and shittiness. – I just don’t think it’s fair that everybody had to be up here. And then when it came down
to the actual money decision, we weren’t privy to any of the discussion and we couldn’t hear anything. So I just wish I could hear. I was just curious what was going on. And I thought, you know. I would’ve liked to have known what we could have said. – I’m happy with the decision because I am in dire need for it. I’m just very thankful for the decision that they made and how
everything played out. And now I’m excited, I’m happy. (bottle popping) (group applauds) – Are we doing like a, can we have like a reunion show too? – Yeah I’m sick that day. (upbeat violin music)