5 Things American Tourists Shouldn’t Wear in Europe

September 9, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

hey fellow travelers mark here with Walter’s rule and today we’re in Rome in front of these Roman Forum here and today we have for you our five things most of like the American to us shouldn’t wear when they do come to Europe because I see a lot of my fellow Americans traveling around and making some fashion faux-pas and now I’m not a fashionista this isn’t about how you should dress and things like that this is my advice for five things you shouldn’t wear so you can fit in better feel more comfortable and be a little bit safer when you’re wearing the right clothes when you travel okay so this is the fashion needs to think this is a help when you travel better video okay and the first things first baseball caps you do not wear a baseball cap when you come here if I see a lot of guys wearing them yes you might be bald like me or balding slightly golden huh good a normal hat don’t get a baseball cap because that gives it away every single time and a spaceship you wear it backwards it just screams you’re from the US okay if you’re not from the US that’s what it says and when you go around you’ll see not a lot of people do wear baseball caps especially with like New York Yankees logo or Boston or whatever so do make sure you kind of stay away from that one okay second thing not to wear for my guy travelers khaki pants look Europeans they were pant they were slacks they were tight jeans stuff like that but they do not work khakis okay your Dockers you’re not bringing those to Europe you might say but they’re really comfortable yes they are really comfortable but that’s not what people wear around here so I’m trying to help you do is fit in better so you don’t stick out as the tourist that people want to pickpocket and robbed you can fit more in like a local look I don’t look very much like a local because I’m a big fat guy but that doesn’t mean I can’t fit in okay so khakis sorry guys sorry doctors people don’t bring them with you okay third don’t I have for you when you come here don’t wear athleisure wear or athletic wear when you come here I know in the US you see a lot of people wearing their Under Armour t-shirt so they’ve got their adidas pants or sports pants on stuff like that yoga pants things like that here in Europe people don’t wear the athletic leisure clothes as normal clothes they wear those athletic clothes to go to the gym to go running to go biking things like that I know in the u.s. it’s kind of a normal thing but here we don’t use it okay just letting you know that and our next don’t which kind of follows what that is don’t wear your big baggy us University sweatshirt I’m here in May and there’s a lot of us travelers backpackers here you know from colleges and they got there with constant logo on them are the Illinois logo on them or their Harvard stuff on there and it just streams I’m a tourist come rob me and you’ll notice that people around here they’re not wearing a hoodie they’re not wearing those baggy sweatshirts especially with the big graphic prints on the front so you might want to stay away from that one now I told you sometimes I messed up on these too I wear my welders world logo sometimes though you do have that and all these these are really up to you I’m just trying to help you fit in better so you can have a better time and meet more locals and not get picked on with a lot of selfie sticks so if you stick me to selfie stick these kind of things all right and my fifth on for you is don’t wear sports shoes here’s the thing as you’ll see people here in Europe wearing sports shoes and stuff like that but they’re more like city street shoes versus as like running Nike shoes or Under Armour shoes or Reeboks or whatever so I would stay away from that because you have on your normal sports shoes from the US with your white socks it is usually a dead giveaway that you’re from the US so what you might want to do is you might want to get you know I wear stuff like this you know kind of like a easy to wear slip on slip off which is great for TSA kind of travel shoe and it kind of fits in because it’s not a sports shoe but it gives me some support and I kind of fit in a bit better with that so you do have that so anyway those are my five things you shouldn’t wear when you’re traveling oh if you’re a female traveler going along with the shoes don’t bring your high heels with all the cobblestones and stuff like that you’re going to have some issues I’ve seen more than one traveler wipe out on our high heels because of the cobblestones I’ve seen some get stuck in the grate sometimes stuck in the cobblestone if you’re going to be going out to a fancy dinner or something okay you can bring them but you’re not going to wear them around tab because it’s not practical all right so I hope that helps know I’m not a fashionista but I am a traveler they want to help other travelers travel better so there are five honest it’s about things my fellow travelers shouldn’t wear when they’re traveling if you want to learn more we’ve got ten things still shocking about coming to ROM five things you love and hate about Italy all our website at Walters Worldcom we’re also on Twitter Facebook Instagram and we really appreciate your life subscription hope you have a great time here in Italy and no matter what you wear just have a good time and be safe and if you won’t wear a baseball cap with a big sweatshirt and high heels that’s fine too it’s okay I just wanted to help out a bit fly from Rome so I hope you liked that video if you want to see some more videos you can click over here you get videos kind of relate to what you’ve been watching it’s kind of stuff that you actually like and things like that if you want to see our newest video you click over here and that will give you the newest video so wherever we’re at these days you can check that one out and if you click that subscribe button it’s like a circle with the Walters world logo that you know with the train and the 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