360 video: ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus tour  | Arizona State University

360 video: ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus tour | Arizona State University

November 11, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

So, hey guys, my name is Isis. I’m a freshman here at the Downtown campus, and this is the student center at the post office, and to the right, this is the Pod Express where you can get snacks or whatever, and there’s a multipurpose room over there. This is just a really cool hang-out space, and downstairs in the basement area, there’s actually a lot of fun arcade games, and a TV where people just like to come and chill. So, I’ll show you that. So, straight ahead you are going to see a lot of arcade games and just a common area where you can just come and hang out, which is really fun. You can just bring your friends. So now we are outside the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. This is personally my favorite spot on campus because I’m an exercise and wellness major and some of my classes are down here. I know people love to come up here like at sunset and after dark because the city just lights up, and it’s so amazing to see and even the desert cactus flower lights up at night when it gets dark, and you can see the city all around this open area, and here’s the pool. It’s so nice. This is like, one of the favorite places that people like to hang out. Now this is Civic Space Park. A lot of fun events happen here. We had Sparky’s Carnival over here to your right. Like when the weather is really nice, people will just come and hang out here. Every Friday we have Food Truck Fridays. Yeah, it’s always really a cool vibe here downtown. A very urban feel, and you’re really in with the community. To your right, you are going to see University Center, also called UCENT. We’re going to go in there because a majority of your classes will be in UCENT, and that’s just for all majors. It is just where, UCENT is where your classes will be. This is actually where Barrett, The Honors College will be and the library is in here, as well. So, let’s go take a look. So this is the first floor of UCENT. This is where people like to sit and hang out, do homework. The ASU Police Department is also in here, and on the second floor is where you’ll have your classrooms. This is where you’ll spend most of your time. This is the dining hall. This is like a common area where you can watch TV and all that other special stuff. People like to come out, just hang out and do homework, all kinds of fun things, and this is the dining hall. Not too big, not too small, but there’s also not a lot of people on the Downtown campus. It’s just the perfect amount, and yeah, so this is where like the markets will be. You can come and get meal exchanges down here. You can come get any food, medicine and necessities that you need. So this is a study lounge, just where tables, and places where you can do homework. This is one study room. This one’s pretty spacious. So this is my room. It’s pretty spacious size. You can move around whatever you want, and you can loft your bed, you can lower your bed. Me and my roommate lofted our beds so that we can get our stuff under our bed, but it’s a pretty nice size. I hope you really enjoyed this virtual, online tour, and I hope that you consider ASU in your future.