360 video: ASU Tempe campus tour  | Arizona State University

360 video: ASU Tempe campus tour | Arizona State University

October 27, 2019 13 By Stanley Isaacs

Hi. My name is Trey Leveque, and I’m currently a second-year student at Arizona State University based on the Tempe campus. I am currently majoring in business global politics, while also working to earn a certificate in cross-sector leadership. What we’re walking on right now is a trail to “A” Mountain, which is heavily trafficked by students and local community members every single day. From whether you’re hiking or you’re walking your dog, this is a great location on the Tempe campus to be able to get some exercise in, as well as experience some tradition. Throughout the entire school year, we have numerous events that revolve around “A” Mountain, such as Sparky’s Spirit Hike during Family Weekend and guarding the “A” during rivalry week with the school down south. So, Changemaker Central is home to a lot of different programs and initiatives. As you’ll see, you have a lot of different meetings going on. There’s lots of different people meeting and gathering right now to be able to work on different programs and initiatives. Again, this is a great meeting space for all students. Straight ahead is the very building: Old Main of Arizona State University. Old Main was constructed before the state of Arizona even became a state, and former President Theodore Roosevelt came and dedicated the Roosevelt Dam in 1911 on these very steps in front of the building. Welcome to Palm Walk. Whether it’s students walking between classes, faculty, staff or any other visitors visiting ASU, this is one of the most heavily trafficked and photographed spots across the entire university. Palm Walk spans from the north side of campus at University Bridge all the way to the south side of campus up to the Sun Devil Fitness Center. What I’m going under, as we speak, is a passageway to the secret garden, one of ASU’s most prized possessions. As we go through the corridor, we will see and enter a great space for individuals to gather, study and work on assignments together. Throughout the school year, there are also numerous activities that are also planned and executed here, mostly by sororities and other organizations. Again, this is a great place for students to be able to come, have lunch, relax and study in between classes.