2019 Barnard College Convocation Highlights

September 17, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Convocation in the beginning of the
school year is super exciting for me I feel like since junior year I’ve been
waiting for this moment and it’s so crazy that it’s here now.
Convocation represents to me I guess the beginning of like this new chapter of my
life. I’m a senior and I’m really excited to go to my last convocation because
it’s like finishing up a full circle. Since I arrived to Barnard people keep
saying how special convocation is it’s a time-honored tradition so I’m happy to
finally see it. It’s wonderful to be back at Barnard it
recalls to me what my first couple of days were coming to school here so kind
of exciting to relive that to see other young women experiencing that.
Convocation to me is just one of the last few ways that I get together with all
my friends and classmates and celebrate my time at Barnard. Convocation was
really empowering and it really reiterated how happy I am to be here and all of the opportunities I have coming to Barnard. Its wonderful to be here to celebrate Convocation and to share in the anticipation of the new academic year. This past week we kicked off a new initiative, Feel Well Do Well At Barnard. To promote physical and mental health across campus. It is designed to support and empower our students to thrive both inside and outside the classroom. We’re looking forward to a truly great year. These are four very important years, good luck to all of you. You’re in a great place, you worked hard to get here. I wish you the very very best. Convocation definitely got me more excited about the school year and I’m ready to start off this year.