2017 NSW International Student of the Year Awards – VET winner

September 17, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Yam Prasad Dhital. I’m studying business at Strathfield College. Yam has got a great heart. He feels for other people. I heard screaming from outside. Big black smoke and fire everywhere. Stand like this. He is ready to grab, catch my son. Thank God I catch him. Rescue team, fire brigade,
they all came in five minutes. I was so happy at that time. Why I have decided
to come to Australia, the main thing is about
the equal opportunity for everyone. He’s been studying with us
for one and a half years, and he has still got 100% attendance. So he’s a role model,
he’s a good example for all international students
coming to study in Australia. He organised charitable events organised by
Australian Nepalese community. He works as a mentor
for the students. The people in Australia,
they are amazing, you know? How they speak, like sometimes
they’re, “Hey, mate, how’s it going?” You know? If you work hard, you’ll get… ..you’ll achieve your goal.