2017 Northwestern Mutual Top College Intern

August 31, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I kept hearing about this young man Trevor
Flota, Trevor Flota, Trevor Flota. He’s going to be fantastic. This is from my mom’s Facebook page. I used to like hot dogs. I always do have a lot of energy, however
like right now I feel like I’m low energy Biggest challenge on a daily basis is tying
my tie. It takes me a good 5 to 6 tries before I can
perfect a good solid tie. I’m just staring straight into this hot dog. What was the second part of that question? And he hadn’t done anything yet. He was a sophomore going into his junior year. We really look for the seniors. So, I said there’s something special about
this kid. Let’s give it a go. When Trevor started he was actually playing
two collegiate sports. So, from a time management standpoint, could
he make the distance, could he see enough people and then how would he deal with school
and sports on top of that. My reaction was first let’s pump the brakes, and we’ll see how Trevor does. But when you meet him, he’s very mature for his age, he’s got an incredible work ethic, self-disciplined, and he just comes across much older and more mature. They say you can tell a lot about a person
just by how they play golf. Even on the course he’s laser focused, he’s
playing to win, plays by the rules. Trevor’s a no-nonsense guy. Very coachable, very smart, very driven. There’s a cognitive dissonance that lies
between people saying what they want and actually doing it. Trevor is someone that does it. When he says he wants something, he goes out
and he gets it. I’ve had the Hummer ever since sophomore
year of high school. He’s very modest and humble and this thing
is just a monstrosity. My daughter goes to the same college that
he does and evidently on campus people talk about it. It’s very loud. I don’t know if I can let go of the Hummer. I love that car. What most people will never know is Trevor
had a reversal heading into the month of May that was pretty significant. Going into the last month, he had a reversal
of $20,000, which was just crazy. He basically lost all the credit and had to
pay back all the commissions on it. And for most interns that would be something
that would just cripple them. He was, I think in 3rd place on the goal post
at the time. I just knew that if I could somehow, someway get to 72 points in May that I could have a chance at being number one. He realized that he’d have to do about 20
lives and $70,000+ in premium, and he set his mind on doing it. So, he had an amazing month of May, which
in the midst of graduating college. and taking all of your exams and working your
tail off, it just really a testament to his drive and his self-discipline. He has really raised the bar about what’s possible as an intern. I’m excited about the footprint that he’s
leaving in our community, and he’s a true example of our values
at our firm and a true catalyst for our organization. Trevor, congratulations on being the number one intern. Nobody deserves it more than you, man. I really respect how you put it all together. I know you went through a lot of adversity. Really looking forward to you doing big things
in the future. And I know the sky is the limit, so let’s