2010 Ventura College Graduation Ceremony

October 7, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

(“Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1”) – Please be seated. (crowd murmurs) Honored graduates, members
of the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, families and friends, as President of Ventura College, it is my honor to convene the 80th Annual Ventura College Commencement. (crowd applauds) Will you please rise and remain standing for our national anthem? (drums beating) (“Star Spangled Banner”) Thank you. At this time it is my pleasure
to introduce the special gate seats for guests who are
seated behind me on stage. Mr. Robert Huber, Chair of the Board of Trustees and representative of area four. (audience applauds) Ms. Cheryl Heitmann, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and representative for area two. (audience applauds) Mr. Steven Blum member
of Board of Trustees and representative for area one. (audience applauds) Mr. Arturo Hernandez, member of the Board of Trustees and representative for area five. (audience applauds) Dr. Larry Miller, member of the Board of Trustees and representative for area three. (audience applauds) Dr. James Meznek, Chancellor of the Ventura County
Community College District. (audience applauds) Mr. Romero Sanchez, Executive Vice President of Student Learning of Ventura College. (audience applauds) Mr. David Keebler, Vice President of Business
Services Ventura College. (audience applauds) Mr. Peter Sezzi President
of the Academic Senate. (audience applauds) Ms. Barbara Cogert President
of the Classified Senate. (audience applauds) Mr. Kea Kanamu, President of the Associated
Students for Ventura College. (audience applauds) and the four faculty and
staff members who will be assisting us with the reading
of the graduate names. Mr. Robert Chaparro, (audience applauds) Ms. Robin Douglas, (audience applauds) Ms. Becky Hogue, (audience applauds) and Ms. Deborah Pollack. (audience applauds) We have in the audience
today people who have contributed to and supported
the success of our graduates. I would like to acknowledge them now. First, the faculty and
staff of Ventura College. I recognize and commend
you for your dedication and commitment to the
graduates here today. Faculty and staff please stand. (audience applauds) (audience cheers) Thank you. Families, partners, childrens and friends, I would like to recognize
and salute you as well for the encouragement and love and support you have given your graduates. You too have made today possible. Please give yourselves a hand. (audience applauds) Graduates in a few minutes
you will cross the stage and shake the hand of one of our trustees. When today’s ceremony is over, you will leave this athletic event center a college graduate and will move on to the next phase of your lives. Maybe you will transfer
to a four-year college, maybe you will begin a career. There are many unknowns and
many doors left to open. Still one thing is certain. By coming to Ventura College, you have made a choice that has changed the direction of your entire life, and because you have the
initiative and persistence to see the important task of getting an education through to the end, not only will your life be better, but so will the lives of your
children and your children’s children and everyone that
comes after that as well. Congratulations, I wish each and every
one of you the very best. (audience applauds) At this time, I would like to call to the
podium Mr. Robert Hubert Chair of the Board of
Trustees for the Ventura County Community College District. (audience applauds) – Good afternoon. Chancellor Meznek, President Calote, fellow speakers, distinguished guests, college faculty and staff, family, friends and especially graduates of the class of 2010, on behalf of the Board of
Trustees I thank you for the opportunity to speak to you
and share in the celebration of your collective achievement. Members of the class of 2010, I’m honored to participate in one of the most important days of your lives. It is after all your time to shine. To the class of 2010, I extend a warm welcome
and congratulations to you, your families, your
instructors and all of us, we are proud of your achievements. Today is dedicated to you. It is the time when your
family, friends, loved ones, and the whole college take
pride in your accomplishments. There are certainly reason to celebrate. Graduates you know better than anyone what this day represents. Hours of work, months of dedication, and years of persistence. Your family, friends and loved ones have a sense of that as well. And the faculty and staff of
Ventura College here today not only share in your
celebration but they too deserve both credit and thanks for
making this day happen. Whatever your vision, whatever your version of the
American dream I hope that it involves looking beyond your own comfort. I hope it is large enough to
encompass a changing world. I hope it is marked by a
spirit of generosity and an overriding sense of fairness, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. And I hope that your American
dream has at its heart a constant commitment to help those who excluded from all you hope to enjoy, including the benefit of
access to a quality education, such as you have received
at Ventura College. I charge you to use your
skills and knowledge which you have attained to benefit and
to your benefit and to that of your community which has
made your education possible. Your education will benefit you in incalculable ways in the years to come. No matter what field you have studied, your education has strengthened
for you the ability to learn and go on learning all your life. There are also many personal
stories of persistence, courage and success among you. Many of you are the first
ones in your families to obtain a college education. Many of you have sacrificed a lot for your degree or certificate, working long hours raising families and still finding time for classes. Many of your worked many many
years to get to this point, taking only one or two
classes at a time so that you could make a livelihood
and afford your education. Some of you have overcome
incredible obstacles, such as disabilities, loss of employment, challenging family situations to get your diploma or certificate today. To all of you I extend
my profound appreciation of your perseverance,
determination, dedication in obtaining your education. Moreover we must pay tribute to your family and loved ones present. Spouses, children, parents,
grandchildren, and friends who have shown their support
and sacrificed to provide the time required for
you to be here today. These people deserve your appreciation. Celebrate your job well done
and as you revel in your accomplishments be sure
to give your families and significant others a big thank
you hug for all the times that they were there
to support you as well. While you’re at it, be sure to thank your instructors for all they did to assist you. I’m also here to ask you to
remember what you already know. That your education is not just about you. Your knowledge your skills
and your great creativity have the potential to benefit the lives of everyone around you. If you go into business, become a great leader and manager. If you go into healthcare, know and care for your patients. If you go into technology, work on ideas that provide
useful innovations. In education inspire your students. In government, human
services, criminal justice, uphold the highest standards
of compassion and fairness. Whatever you do, wherever life leads you, give it your all. Today is not the end point
of your educational journey, but rather the beginning
of a lifelong adventure. Think of your diploma or
certificate as a license to think, to question and to learn
the critical skills and professional expertise you
developed here will enable you to make the most out of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for you. But never forget that your education does not stop with graduation. Never stop learning and never
stop challenging yourself. As you leave here be ready
to turn your hard work and your dreams into a reality. I hope you never lose the will to learn. You’ve reached the rainbow here today when you earned your
degree or certificate, but remember that is an
intermediate goal that has prepared your to take another step forward. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I wish each and every one
of you much success in life. Congratulations and good luck. (audience applauds) – [Dr. Calote] And now
we’ll hear a few words from our Academic Senate
President Mr. Peter Sezzi. (audience applauds) – Members of the Board of Trustees, Chancellor Meznek, President Calote, faculty and stuff, administrators, family, friends and supporters
of the class of 2010, and most importantly
graduates of Ventura College, good afternoon. (audience cheers) My name is Peter H. Sezze. I’m a librarian, the
Academic Senate President and graduate of the class of 1997. On behalf of the entire faculty, the instructors and counselors, librarians and coaches, it is once again my distinct
honor to welcome you to the 80th the 80th commencement
exercise at Ventura College, your community college. It is also my privilege to
recognize all of your hard work, your countless hours
spent working on projects, writing papers, taking classes online or face-to-face and studying for exams. Now as you near the completion of your years of study and preparation, you are justifiably being
rewarded and acknowledged as you transition to full-fledged citizens in the republic of letters. Speaking on behalf of all faculty, I can say without a moment
of hesitation that we, the teachers of Ventura
College are proud of you. Good work. (audience applauds) Graduates in addition to
all the help and lessons you have learned from your teachers, we must also take the time
to acknowledge the support that you have received
from your moms, your dads, your wives, husbands,
children, other family members or dear friends who have
helped and supported you as you made all your efforts and worked hard to obtain your certificate or degree. Please join me as we take a
moment to recognize all of their efforts and support on your behalf. (audience applauds) As you prepare to depart from
Ventura College with your Associate degree or
Certificate of Achievement, I will remind you that Ventura College will always be here for you. In the future whether you need
a continuing education course or if you want to pick
up a foreign language, Ventura College will be here. If you want to learn more
about a subject by taking an enrichment class or if life takes you in a different direction
and you need to learn a new set of skills for a second career, Ventura College will continue
to be here and dedicated to you the student as we continue
to strive to meet your needs. So as long as we exist as an independent institution
of higher learning, Ventura College will remain
committed to its core mission. We will remain committed
to student success. To your success. Your perseverance dedication
and commitment to your goal of obtaining a degree or certificate from Ventura College is to be commended. In closing, let us recall the words
of poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson who wisely said that, “What lies behind us and
what lies before us are tiny “matters compared to what lies within us.” You the graduates of Ventura
College class of 2010, are living examples of the
words that Emerson spoke. The excellence and dedication
of which Emerson alludes to are what we acknowledge in
you today your graduation day. Despite all the obstacles and distractions that exist in your lives, you are to be commended for your efforts in obtaining a degree. On behalf of all your teachers, congratulations on a job well done. We would like to wish you
well in whatever future adventures life may bring. Thank you and once again congratulations. (audience applauds) – And now please welcome
Ms. Barbara Cogert, President of the Classified Senate. (audience applauds) – Good afternoon dignitaries, families, friends and students. Welcome from the classified professionals at Ventura College. You are here today in your regalia about to receive your degree. You are an inspiration to
your family and friends. Some of you balance
part-time jobs and school, some are raising children, and perhaps did two sets
of homework every evening. And some after working a full day, arrived on campus when
most of us were leaving. We applaud all of you. New York Times columnist
David Brooks tells us, “The future can be better than the present “and you have the power to make it so.” Your brain has more RAM than any computer. What you do with it is up to you. Remember you never stop learning. Use your knowledge to
make positive changes and improvements in your home, your neighborhood and your planet. While you will always remember
your favorite instructors, it took many people to
get you to this day. Classified employees are
the staff that assisted you with registration,
enrollment, books, wait lists, appointments, forms and of course today. Oliver Wendell Holmes stated, “The noblest service
comes from nameless hands, “and the best servant
does his work unseen.” Classified staff are those
nameless but important hands. We offer you our congratulations. (audience applauds) – And finally please
welcome Mr. Kea Kanamu, President of the Associated
Student Government, who has worked with his
student Senate team so successfully this year to
accomplish great things. (audience applauds) – Thank you Dr. Calote. Ladies and gentlemen, Board of Trustees, distinguished faculty, administrators, friends and family, and of course the graduating class of 2010, it is my pleasure to
welcome you here today. (laughs) (audience applauds) As I stand before you, I can peer into the
large ocean of support. Support for Ventura College, support for myself and
support for my peers. And I think it would be
ignorant of us not to begin by thanking all our loved ones
who made this day possible, so let’s give them a round of applause. (audience applauds) I know most people would stand
here today and go on and on about the struggles
and dreams we all have. Dreams of going on to another
university or beginning our march toward our new careers. But I don’t believe in
spending this time that way. Instead I’m going to
take the next two hours (laughs) I mean three to five minutes to reflect upon our journey here today. I think it’s safe to say we never thought this day would come. In the beginning we mapped
out our college courses and figured out the soonest we could escape to our ambitions in the world. But as we stand here at a crossroads, it’s important to realize
how much this journey has changed our lives. Looking back two years ago
I couldn’t imagine that I would be the one standing
before you all today. It all began in a
classroom with the teachers who inspired me to strive for excellence. They saw potential in the shy
young man with lofty ideas and pushed me to do better. Next it was the classified
staff on campus who allowed me to work as a tutor, a cameraman, and an intern in the PR department. They let me see how the students on campus can be helped in many different ways and how the system of
educating them worked. During this short period
I was able to work with my exceptional student
government board and college administrators to improve
student government and campus life for students both in
planting a student center on campus and increasing
funding for student advocacy. In the mix I managed to
deal with budget scenarios, learned to run a boardroom, represented Ventura College
students all over California and still find time to
make wonderful friends. I think that each and every
one of us can say with pride that we are more valuable
both in ideas and skills now than we were two years ago, and that is a testament to
the hard work from ourselves, our families and everyone
here at Ventura College. I’d like to take a moment to
thank my mother for always being my rock and inspiration to succeed, my father for giving me
a guide to living life, my grandparents for always
giving me a whole new wonderful words of encouragement and
all my aunts and uncles for taking time out of their
busy lives to show they care. Now back to my speech. So what will you take with you there? Will it be the girls’
basketball team taking state? (audience cheers) Is it the one at closing
by your very own students? (audience cheers) Will it be the long hours
of studying in the LIC? The rush to finish that last paper? Or will it be something more? I hope that each of us takes
time today to look deeper than ourselves to find the man
or woman in the mirror, and realize that our dreams
are just a little bit closer. Congratulations class of 2010 we did it! (audience applauds) – Well the speeches are over. Will the graduates please rise? (audience cheers) These graduates have been
recommended to me and to the Board of Trustees by the
faculty of Ventura College as having successfully completed
the requirements set forth by the State of California
for the Associate in Arts and Sciences degrees, and for
Certificates of Achievement. According to the action
taken by the governing board, and by the authority vested in me as President of Ventura College, I declare the Associate Degrees and Certificates of
Achievement to be conferred. Family, friends, faculty
staff and dignitaries, I present to you the
graduating class of 2010. (audience applauds) (horn honks) Could the trustees
please take their places on either side of the stage? (horn honks) – Yeah I’m good. Yeah they’re here. Yes and pull up his gown a little bit on his shoulder yeah, thank you. (horn honks) – Okay are we ready? Marie Alexandrina Graves
Associated Degree in Nursing. (audience applauds) – Angela Deguerro Ferer. (audience applauds) – Trinidad Anita Alfaro AA and AS in Nursing and Liberal Arts. (audience applauds) – Renee Alexandra Cerda, Associate’s Degree Nursing
with honors and distinction. (audience applauds) – Ashley Ann Vasquez AS in Nursing. (audience applauds) – Richard Michael Medinas
AA Degree in Nursing. (audience applauds) – Melissa Lynn McNiel AS Nursing. (audience applauds) – Christina Fordham AS Degree in Nursing. (audience applauds) – Carrie Linbrook AS
in Nursing with honors. – Raya Dimano Associate Degree in Nursing. (audience applauds) – Karina Jessica Mobile
AS in Nursing with Honors. – Karla K Peck Associate
Degree in Nursing. – Michelle Ann George AS in Nursing. (audience applauds) – Sheena Amado AS Degree in
Nursing with distinction. – Aubrey Goldfield AS in Nursing. – Enrique Samora, Associate Degree in
Nursing with distinction. – Mikaylee Aprader AS in Nursing. – Guillermo Gonzalez AS Degree in Nursing. Michelle Lopez AS Degree in Nursing. (audience applauds) – Zach Pettis AA Degree. – Charlotte Boltergard AS in Nursing. (audience cheers) – Cody Marie Lavender AA Degree. – Ashley Reyose AA in Liberal Studies. – Tasha Lynn Dixon AS
Degree Child Development. – Angela Nunez AA in Liberal Arts. – Katherine Ann Drennen AA
Degree with high honors. – Irene Apaya AA in Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Eddie Alan Enriques, AS Degree Social Behavioral
Sciences high honors. – Kathy March Ariana AA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in
Psychology with honors. – Jessica Lynn Trujillo, AA Degree. – Camille Anheld, AA in Liberal
Arts emphasis in History. – Christine Pozana Paz AA Degree. – Natalie Kathleen
Sanchez AA in Liberal Arts (audience cheers) – Pedro Lorenzo Balta AA Degree
Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Destiny Misty Ortiz AA in
Liberal Arts whit honors. – Erica Christine Swanson
AA Degree in Biology. – Aslin Arwoud AS with high honors. – Drew Ashley Wright
AA Degree Liberal Arts. – Anelle Michelle Gutierrez
AA major in Psychology, graduating with high honors. – Amber Hope Garcia AA General
Liberal Arts Deans List. (audience cheers) – Jorge Ortasins AS in Psychology. – Claire Catherine Acklund
Humanities AA Honor Society. – Clarice Madana AA in General
Liberal Arts with honors. – Christa Sacro Twason
AA Biological Sciences. – Crystal Nuno Carillo AA in Liberal Arts. – Brianna Michelle Augustine
Gajardo AA Natural Sciences, honors and highest honors. – Luis Olivares,
Associate’s Degree in Arts. – Kadim M Code AA International Studies. (audience applauds) – Rebecca Reyes AA in Liberal Arts. – Henry Joseph Ortega
AA Degree Liberal Arts. – Diana Cruz AA in Liberal Arts. – Susan M.R. Medina AA in
Liberal Arts and Science. – Katrina Nicole Lopez AA Liberal Arts. – Enoch Salas, AA in Liberal Arts and
Science with highest honors. – Heather Bichon Heiss AA Liberal Arts, AS in Fashion Design high honors. – Jose Luis Ruiz AA in
Liberal Arts and Science. – Jessie Bissou Bolk AS Fashion
Merchandising high honors. – Carrie Leigh Schuster. (audience cheers) – Raquel Yvonne Lopez AA General
Liberal Arts and Sciences, AS Fashion Design
Merchandising with honors. – Sena Loreal Acevelo AA in Humanities. – Stephanie Lynn Miller AS
Fashion Design and a Certificate. – Rochelle Lee DeHart AS in
Criminal Justice Dean’s List. – Samantha Renee Luzitani
AA emphasis in Humanities. – Shyna Elizabeth Harper
AA in Liberal Studies. – Lemody Douglas Associate of Arts, General Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Amelia Zimmerman AA in Liberal Studies. – Lillian Mariano Associate of Arts, General Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Brittany Moore AA in Liberal Studies. – Ali Marigo Navarro Associate Arts. – Kayla Diane McGown AS
Associate Degree Nursing Major. – Brittany Guerra Angel
Associate Arts with honors. – Lynette McDougal, AA General Liberal Arts
and Sciences Radiology. – Samantha McClure, Associate of Arts, Social and Behavioral
Sciences with honors. – Dawanna Lee Spring AA
General Liberal Sciences. – Chris Michael Hart Associate Arts. – Taydoro John Mora AA in Theater Arts. – Antoine Reed Associate of Arts. – Ishell Myra Lopez AA in Theater Arts. – Casey Ali Marinas Associate Arts Degree. – Rebecca Elise Fox
Lawson AA in Theater Arts. (audience cheers) – Joanna Leah Gertz a
Associate of Arts degree. – Hillary Rose Asbury AA in
Liberal Arts and Theater Arts. With high honors. – Vanessa Marie Barrias Associate
of Arts and Human Service. (audience cheers) – Lindsey Claire Shropshire, AA in Anthro Psych Criminal
Justice with honors. – Nina Claire Giovanni Associate
of Arts in Liberal Arts. – Paul Gilbert Rivera AA in Business. – Sabrina Leah Mager
Associate of Arts Degree. – Christopher Lomelli AA in
Liberal Studies with honors. – Carrie B Conn Associate of
Arts Liberal Arts with honors. (audience cheers) – Andrea Rose Sliger AA in Liberal Arts. – Myra Madana Associate of
Science in Biochemistry. – Marguerite Rose Segovia AA in History. – Marie Guadalupe Cisneros
Associate of Arts in Sociology. – Gisele Sedillo AAS Child Development. – Jessica Heather Berson
Associate of Arts Degree. (audience cheers) – Vanessa Marie Romero AA
in Business Management. – Benjamin Eugene Salit, Associate of Arts Degree in
Criminal Justice with honors. – Noe Orlando Romero AA in Sociology with emphasis on Criminal
Justice Dean’s List. – Jeffrey Alan Coffman, Associate of Art in Natural
Sciences with high honors. – Melissa Marie Casas AA in
Sociology and Criminal Justice. – Oscar Rodriguez. – Diana Varela AA in General
Studies and Social Sciences with highest honors. – Erica Lugo, AS in Liberal
Arts and Sciences with honors. (audience cheers) – Patricia Alexandra Lopez
AA in Social Science. – Miguel Magana AA in Liberal Arts. – Victor J Rios Gonzales AA Degree. – Erica Maria Salazar AA in Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Gustavo Espitia AA Degree. – Luis Rafael Baca AA in Liberal Arts. – Carlos H Santoyo AA Degree. – Jose Antonio Rubio
Certificate in Automotive. – Brizette Runas AS Degree
Business Management with honors. – Frank C Venegas AA in General Studies emphasis Social Behavior Science. – Danny Joseph Sobrano AA Degree. (audience cheers) – Marisela Flores AA. – Kata Jena Ana Khadiza, AA Degree Liberal Arts and
Science with high honors. – Daniel William Moon AA Math and Science. – Annette Martinez AA Degree. (audience cheers) – Guillermo Espinozo
Ojera AA Liberal Arts, emphasis in Psychology. (audience cheers) – Bernice Deon Carillo, Associate Degree Liberal
Arts and Sciences. – Diana Wynn Fane AA General
Liberal Arts high honors. (audience cheers) – Lena Louise Austin AA Degree. – Maricela Rozana Jaurez AA Liberal Arts. – Maria Gabriela Angulo AA Degree. – Courtney Lee Gibson
AA in Child Development. – Manuel Riz Junior AA
Degree Liberal Arts. – Cindy Lucia Flores AA Psychology. (horn honks) – Aaron Ernesto Escobar Doran, AA Degree Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Stacy Ellen Russell AA Liberal Arts. – Mario Eduardo Tardona
AS Degree in Architecture. – Claudia Gonzales AA in Liberal Arts. – Brenda Bernice Saldunia AS Degrees. – Amelia Borjas Associate Degree. – Salvador Juan Madana AA Degree. – Monique Moya Villalobos
AA in Liberal Arts with a major in English with honors. – Mariana Navarro AA in Sociology. – David Prufilo AS in Anthropology
and History with honors. – Valeria Mancilla AA Degree. – Eric Johnathan Benavides
AS in Criminal Justice. – Lizette Ramirez AA Degree. – Jacqueline Meliosa Quentin
AA in Social Science. – Kristen Marie Bernardo
AA Degree in Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Joyce Ann Ofolician AS Engineering. – Kayla Marie Garcia AA
Degree General Liberal Arts. – Ashley Danielle Aguilar
AA Social Sciences. (audience cheers) – Adrienne Angel Frimalar
AA Degree with Sociology. – Catalina Ortiz AA Social Sciences. – Gabriel Boston AS
Degree Criminal Justice. (audience cheers) – Amanda H Watson Thompson
Associate of Arts and Sciences, emphasis in Social and Behavior Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics. – Jordan Hedgepeck AA Degree Liberal Arts. – Mikhail Arthur Solarte, AA Natural Science and Mathematics. – Valeria Andrea Toomamay
AA Degree Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Brianna Mckenna Mound AS
General Liberal Studies. – Isaiah Alexanders Rogers, AA Degree Liberal Arts and Science. – Nancy Lynn Mound AA Liberal Studies. – Jared Alexander Lopez, AA Degree with English and Liberal Arts. – Caitlin Lane Cordova
Associate’s Degree Performing Arts and Theater with highest honors. – Cindy Marie Cardona AA Degree. (audience cheers) – Elizabeth Marie Rose Gates
AA General Liberal Arts, AS Business General. – Daniel Johnathan Ellis AA
Degree Liberal Arts and Science. (audience cheers) – Laurie E Reedy AA in
Liberal Arts with High Honors. – Jared Bryan McGowan AA
Degree Social Science, also on the Dean’s List. – Adam Joseph Daniel Luna AA Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Barbara Jean Wood AA Degree. – Kathleen Ann McBride AA
Degree with high honors. – Jennifer Branjel Associate
Arts and Social Science. – Laurie Bags, Certificate of Achievement
Executive Assistant. – Owen Christopher Reinmore
Associate of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences. – Catherine Elizabeth Noble
AA in General Education and Certification in Accounting. (audience cheers) – Dennis Travis, AS Degree in International
Studies high honors. – Maximiliano Figueroa AA Degree. – Renee Adrian Espinosa Associate
of Arts in Liberal Arts. – Andrew Michael Valdez AA Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Andrea Cara Macielle Associate
of Arts and Associate of Science in Criminal
Justice on the Dean’s list. – Nicholas Adam Houston AA
Degree Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s list. – Maria Elena Villanueva
Associate Arts in Sociology. – Christopher G Chico AA
Degree emphasis in science. – Liliana Rodriguez Arias, Associate of Arts in Business Management. – Luis Enrique Reyes
AS in Criminal Justice. – Tiffany L Alvarado Associate
of Science in Biology. (audience cheers) – Melissa Marie Landerton, Associate of Science in
Criminal Justice with honors. – Our next two graduates
are mother and daughter. Catherine Fererra with
an AS in Accounting and Karina Fererra AA in Business Management. (audience cheers) – Sandra Labuchene Associate
of Arts in English. – Maya Veronica Zumaya, AS in Psychology and Criminal Justice. (audience cheers) – Griselda Arana Associate of
Arts with a Business Major. – Angela Misner AA with an
Emphasis in Holistic Studies, Dean’s list. – Daniele Key Associate
of Arts and Liberal Arts. – Alejandra Aldriz AS
Degree in Child Development, Certificate and emphasis in Sociology. – Raylene Raquel Morales
Associate of Arts Degree. (audience cheers) – Amanda Lenoria Perlin AA Degree. – Soi Guido Associate of Arts Degree, Outstanding Student of the
Year for the ERPS Program. – Monique Priscilla Martinez
General AS in Criminal Justice. (audience cheers) – Robert Andrew Lindsey Associate of Science and Criminal Justice. – Jamie Raelynn Ibarra AA in Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Miguel Diravillartas
Associate of Science Degree and Criminal Justice. – Neil David Beatty AA in Liberal Arts, Geosciences and Geography. – Alandra Varas Jimenez
Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts with honors. – Christopher Rene Mora AS in Engineering. – Claudia Christina Maldonado
Associate of Arts Degree in General Liberal Arts and Sciences. (audience cheers) – Tanya Elizabeth
Valdavinas AA in Psychology. – Zaire E Fernandez, Associate of Arts General
Arts and Sciences. – Robin Ryan Newman, AA in Liberal Arts and
Sciences with honors. – Candace Antierras Associate
of Science Degree in Social Behavioral Sciences. (audience cheers) – Carly Michelle calloway
AA Degree with honors. (audience cheers) – Vanessa Belen Sandoval
Associate Arts Degree in General Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Kirk Montejano AS and
AA in Criminal Justice. – Andrea Noel Higeman Associate
of Arts in General Liberal Arts and Sciences with high honors. – Brandy Kathleen Segovia AA Degree. (audience cheers) – Olivia Raquel Hernandez, Associate of Arts Degree with high honors. – Sabrina Gonzales AA Degree. – Jessica Marie Quires, Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology. – Catherine Marie Lewis AA Degree. – Melissa Aurora Holt
AA Degree in Psychology. – Ashley Elizabeth Dasnoit AA Degree. – Miguel Angel Leva, Associate of Arts Degree
in Liberal Studies. Vanessa Bareto, AA Degree emphasis in Social and
Behavior Science honors. – Matthew Neil Sinclair
AA Degree Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Elizabeth Jane Lamberson AA Degree. – Jordan Taylor Quaid
AA Degree Liberal Arts, Ventura College Women’s
Basketball State Champion. (audience cheers) – Jessica Marie Cohen AA Degree. – Chanel Brie Brennan
AA Degree Liberal Arts, Women’s Basketball State Champion. (audience cheers) – Yvonne Christine Mendez
AA in Liberal Arts. – Lacey Monet Escamilla AA
Degree Liberal Arts with honors, Women’s Basketball State Champion. (audience cheers) – Cindy Pilar AA General
Liberal Arts academic honors. – Erica Brittany Ward AA Degree
Liberal Arts with honors, Women’s Basketball State Champion. (audience cheers) – Veronica Marie Mendez
AA in Liberal Arts. – Brenda Marie Bentleman
AA Degree Liberal Arts Women’s Basketball State Champion. (audience cheers) – Jacqueline Pena AA in
Liberal Arts Dean’s List. – Christine King AA Degree Liberal Arts, Women’s Basketball State Champion. (audience cheers) – Melissa Francine Zavala AS in Nursing. – Roxanne Mckayla Fomono, AA Degree General
Liberal Arts with honors. – Leo L Belville the third
AA in History with Honors. – Alfonso I Gonzales AA
Degree Business Economics Men’s Volleyball at Moorpark
College State Champion. (audience cheers) – Aaron Luis Galvan, AS in Natural Science and
Mathematics highest honors. – Alyssa Marie McDonald AA Liberal Studies first team all region soccer. – Christina Pay Hogan, AA in General Liberal Arts and Science. – Evan Cabrera AA Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Oyana Maria Guzman AA in
History academic high honors. – Danielle Ellis Utranka AA Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Justin Michael Fisher General
Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Laura Cherie Let AS
in Child Development. – Joaquin Ernesto Quintanilla
AA in Criminal Justice. – Aaron Israel Bass receiving
an AA in Liberal Studies, an AA in Holistic Studies,
Dean’s List honors, first student to receive
the Holistic Studies Degree from VC, and the first to
receive the Holistic Proficiency. (audience cheers) – Michael David Goldberg, AA in General Studies with high honors. – Daniel Reed Lucas the third, AA Degree. – Carolyn Long Bolin Associate
in Science and Accounting with highest honors. – Lara Ann Donohue AA in
General Studies with an emphasis in arts. – Mary Laws two degrees, AS Degree in Accounting AS
Degree in business Management. – Zachary Aaron Platt AA with honors. – Addison Joe Emery AA Degree
Psychology on the Dean’s List. – Victoria Cortez AA Degree. – Rosalind Elise Emery AA
Degree Psychology with honors. – Jose Roberto Lopez
AS in Criminal Justice. – Catherine Joanne Dimaggio AS
Degree with the Dean’s List. – Mark Steven Burgess Junior, AA in General Studies with high honors. – Hannah Marie Cohen AA
Degree on the Dean’s List. – Louis Eli Joseph Lipton, AS in Behavioral and Social Sciences. – Lindsey Ann White Associate’s
Degree Social and Behavioral Sciences on the Dean’s List. – Esticios Pariotas Carzones, Associate’s Degree Arts
and Sciences Psychology. – Paul Chavez AA Degree
in Natural Science. (audience cheers) – Guillermo Pimentel, Associate’s Degree Criminal
Justice with high honors. – Carina Flora AS Degree Natural Science. (audience cheers) – Albert Reynas AS Degree. (horn honks) – Jeanette Vayas, Child Development
Certificate of Achievement. – Thomas Juaricio Luna, Associate’s Degree in Drafting
Industrial Technology. – Janet Cisneros, AA Degree General Liberal
Arts and Sciences. – Tracy Santos Tuvalenes
Associate of Arts. – Carrie Megan Hillaney
AA Degree Liberal Arts. – Philip Matthew Hernandez
Associate of Arts. – Maria Gonzales AA Degree in
Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Psychology high honors. – Nicholas Edward Pizo
Associate’s Degree Psychology. – Moises Galaviz AA
Degree with high honors. – Gabriela Sobrano Associate’s
Degree in Liberal Arts. – Danny A Gaston AA Degree. – Zachary G Desouza AA
General Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Mark Andrew Brunell AA
Degree General Studies focus on Math and Science
smarter than the average bear. – Mary Carolyn London AS
in Business Management, AA General Liberal Arts. – Cody A Carbom AA Degree
Behavioral and Social Sciences. – Tara Lynn Higgins AA in
Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Melody Manay AA Degree Sociology. – Ronald Andrew Velasquez the second, AA Degree in Liberal Arts
Cheerleading National Champions. – Vanessa Sahara Ansari
AA Degree Liberal Studies. – Taylor Renee Clark
Wellwood AA in Liberal Arts, National Cheerleading Champions. – Jeremy Stefano Sotomayor
AA Degree Sociology. – Caitlin Rebecca Clark Wellwood AA Social and Behavioral Sciences. – Cynthia Salamacia Sanchez, AA Degree Social Sciences high honors. – Lee Michael Brown AA in General Studies. – Chad Wayne Vigor AA Degree
General Liberal Studies with high honors. (audience cheers) – Aliyah May Elizabeth
Vineyminot Associate’s Degree Psychology Dean’s List. – Nancy Usevio AA Degree Liberal Studies. – Mun Yuni Gutierrez
Associate’s Degree in Welding. – Catrina Louise Douglas AA Degree. – Dawn Chase AS in
Accounting with High Honors. – Christy Valuski AA Degree
Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Alexandra Danielle Munday
AA Degree Liberal Arts, AS Degree Criminal Justice. – Jennifer Catherine Kelly
Associate Arts Degree in General Studies with highest honors. – Gray Elizabeth Barry Associate
of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Science and Natural Science. – These next three are a family affair. Nephew aunt and cousin. Claudio Javier Gaitan
AA Degree Liberal Arts. Marta Veronica Morales AS
Degree in Nursing with honors, and Patricia Ann Andrade, AS Degree in Business with high honors. – Samuel Alexander Navarro
Associate of Arts Degree. – Anna Maria Lopez AA Liberal Arts. – Jennifer W Rivard Associate of Science
Degree in Criminal Justice. – Luis Alberto Gonzales
AA in Liberal Arts. – Raquel Vicky Del Hierro
Associate of Arts Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. (audience cheers) – Cody Joshua Votter AA in Social Science. – Steven Caro Associate
of Arts in Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Rafael Garcia AS in Biological Science. – Carmen Montasinos
Associate of Science in Child Development and Certificate
of Achievement with honors. – Ana Maria Gonzales, AS in Child Development with high honors. – Ide Tapia Associate of
Science in Child Development with a Certificate with highest honors. – Rebecca Lovejoy Means, AA in Liberal Arts and
Sciences with honors. – Melania Rios Associate of
Science and Child Development with a Certificate of
Achievement with honors. – David Hoenig AS in Criminal Justice. (horn honks) – Casey J Loma Associate
of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Men’s Golf
Conference Playoff Winner. – Annabelle Villamontes AA
in General Liberal Arts. – Lisa Michelle Hawk Associate of Science in Construction Technology with honors. – Lady de Jesus Alonzo AA in Liberal Arts. – Marie Julie McGrath Associate of Arts Social
Behavioral Sciences emphasis. – Elena Maria Lave AA in Liberal Arts. – Alejandro Jesus Macias Associate
of Arts and Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Arland Hanson Edmonson, AA in General Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Julia Ann Cushman General
Arts Degree with a Social Science emphasis AGS Honor Society. – Daisy Lopez AS in Criminal Justice. – Kelsie Jolene Swanson
Associate of Arts Degree, Social Sciences Dean’s List member. – Michael Schumacher AA Degree. – Shawn Hunter Kennedy
Associate of Arts Degree. – Yvette B Ordas AA in Liberal Arts. (audience cheers) – Rafael Dispora Associate
of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies with honors. – Karen Gill AS in Sociology
with an emphasis in Criminal Justice on the Dean’s List and
today is her 21st birthday. (audience cheers) – Alexander Rigovelo Associate of Arts Degree in Business Economics. – Hannah Jelen Manuel
AA in General Education. – Alexander Vicine Associate
of Arts in Liberal Studies, Athlete of the Year Tennis State Champion. – Jessica Marlene Garza AA
in Business Administration. – George A Galleta Associate
of Arts in Criminal Justice. – Joyce L Dejesus AA in Criminal Justice. – Amalia Alvarez Philips, Associate of Science in Criminal Justice. – Jessica Marie Perez AS in Psychology. (horn honks) and Dean’s List. (horn honks) – Elizabeth Ann Chios Associate
of Arts and Social Science. – Faviola Rodriguez AA in
Liberal Arts and Dean’s List. (horn honks) – Saprit Sing Associate of Arts Degree and Associate of Science Degree. – Alexandra Trin Nguyen, AA in General Education with high honors. – Ana Lara Doldeca Associate
of Arts Degree in Psychology and cross-cultural studies. – Aricelli Guerrero
Madana AA in Liberal Arts. – Melissa Chavez, Associate of Arts Degree
in Liberal Studies. – Brittany Lee Dean AA
in Visual Communications. – Mr. William Anthony
Skinner Associate of Arts Degree in Business Management. – Rochelle Lee Rightsell AS in General and Liberal Sciences. – Victoria Jimenez Associate of Arts Degree and Social Science. – Shawnee M Wilson Miller
AA in General Liberal Arts and Sciences with Psychology Dean’s List. (audience cheers) – Jasmin Primavera Aguilar
Moreno Associate Degree in Social Sciences and Dean’s List member. – Esther M Brown Gonzales AA in General Liberal Arts and Sciences. – Ignacio Marques Associate of Arts Degree and Criminal Justice. – Tiffany Nicolea Revel Harris
AA in General Liberal Arts and Sciences with an
emphasis in Sociology. – Alfreda Mendez Najera Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts. – Luisana T Hernandez AS in Psychology. – Rosa Ana Gonzales Velasquez, Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts. – Ron Joel Juara AS in Business. – Natalie Cricanti Fernandez
Associate of Arts in Sociology. – Jacqueline Faith Sama
AS in Criminal Justice. – Angela Salazar Forjan
Associate of Arts Degree. – Stephanie T Wagner
AA in Liberal Studies, AS in Child Development with high honors. – Javier Perez Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts honors. – Bogart B Cavejardo AA with an emphasis in Computer Science. (audience cheers) – Dustin Ryland Santos
Associate of Arts Degree. – Cindy Catalina Ponce
AA in General Studies. – Husband and wife, April Atayana Cameron and David Cameron, both receiving the Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. (audience cheers) – Cagney Kate Torvelle
AA in General Studies. – Melissa Jane Coons AA History. – Disha Carya AS in
Accounting with high honors. – Lisa Kathleen Shafer AA in Sociology. – Dalapon Dung Sulaya
with an AA in Finance. – Julie Sandoval Associate
of Arts in General Studies with high honors Dean’s List. – Associate’s Degree in Arts
and Science to Rosemary Yelena. Brittany Louise Cahill Associate’s Degree. Rebecca Weaverly AA with high honors. Danica Lynn Via AA General
Studies Dean’s List. Alisha Christine Davis AA Social Sciences. – And ASVC President Kea
Kailani Tiricci Kanamu AA in Liberal Studies. (audience cheers) – In a moment we will honor
the longstanding tradition that is used to signify
the official earning of an Associate Degree or certificate. Will the graduates please stand? (audience applauds) (horn honks) Graduates you may now move your
tassels from right to left. (audience cheers) Please be seated. Please be seated. We have now come to the
close of our commencement. Please be seated during the recessional. Our special guests assembled
on the stage will leave the recessional followed by
our faculty and graduates. Please join us for a reception immediately following the ceremony. It will be held in the quad
area directly across the street to the east of this building. To the graduates and their
families and friends, my sincere congratulations
and best wishes. Congratulations. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) ♫ Celebrate good times come on ♫ Celebrate good times come on ♫ Let’s celebrate ♫ There’s a party going on right here ♫ A celebration to last
throughout the years ♫ So bring your good times
and your laughter too ♫ We gonna celebrate your party with you ♫ Come on now celebration ♫ Let’s all celebrate and have a good time ♫ Celebration ♫ We gonna celebrate and have a good time ♫ It’s time to come together ♫ It’s up to you what’s your pleasure ♫ Everyone around the world come on ♫ Yahoo ♫ It’s a celebration ♫ Yahoo ♫ Celebrate good times come on ♫ It’s a celebration ♫ Celebrate good times ♫ (“We are The Champions” by Queen) ♫ I’ve paid my dues ♫ Time after time ♫ I’ve done my sentence ♫ But committed no crime ♫ And bad mistakes ♫ I’ve made a few ♫ I’ve had my share of
sand kicked in my face ♫ But I’ve come through ♫ We are the champions my friends ♫ And we’ll keep on
fighting ’til the end ♫