$2.8 Million U S  Department of Education Title V Grant Award

$2.8 Million U S Department of Education Title V Grant Award

October 14, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

(Upbeat music) – Delmar College board
who are with me today. We have First Vice chair Dave Revis, is around there he is right there. We have our Secretary
Mary Sherwood, Regents Libby Abrook, Avla Estrada,
and Susan Hutchenson are here. And we’ve got a few more
regents who will be coming in. If they uh, come in during
the press conference I will be sure to introduce them as well. Just a few weeks ago in
September the board voted to approve the Del Mar College’s new strategic plan for 2019 through 2022 Its titled Inspire, Engage, Achieve. Its a year long process,
by which we looked at all the pieces of the college, but most importantly we
looked at student success. And what you are about to hear, we are hitting the ground running. The Strategic plan emphasizes
the student achieving, Excuse me, student advising. I get stuck on that word achieve, I love that word! Our strategic plan emphasizes
the student advising. In other words, giving
students the information and tools that they need
to make the best decisions for their education and their careers. Its a core focus for our expansion and improvement over the next five years. This new initiative
bolstered by some exciting and welcome news that
will enhance our capacity to put students on their path
to success like never before. Now I am pleased to welcome Dr. Mark Esquinea our President and CEO (Applause) – Thank you Karen Roman Scott and achieve is a very powerful word and it is a favorite of mine as well as well. Good Morning (group saying Good Morning) All right we are awake!
Thank you all for joining us on today’s, for today’s
celebration in launch of a major new program with a clear focus on student success. That’s
what we’re all about. This initiative is called Project SENDA or Students engaged in direct advising. Before I go further I
would like to take a moment to acknowledge the long
hours long hours of hard work and dedication of the
members project committee without whom today’s announcement
would not be possible. Could you please join me
in a round of applause and those who were on the
committee first of all raise your hand if you were
a part of the committee that put this grant,
there are all those hands. Join me in a round of applause! And joining me to talk a
little bit further about this effort is Dr. Vito Simba who was critical to this project. He is a vice president of student affairs and will tell you a little
more about the Project Senda Thank you Dr. Scamia I
would like to just go ahead and welcome everybody this morning, its a wonderful morning.
As the president said achieving the Major Grant
Award required tireless effort of the project committee. I would like to recognize
them individually. I would like to start with
our Executive Vice President and Chief Academics officer
Dr Beth Louis, Dr Lewis. (Applause) Our Dean of Institutional
effectiveness and assessment Dr Christina Wilson, Dr Wilson. (Applause) Our Vice President and
Chief Financial officer Raul Garcia, Mr Garcia. (Applause) Our Vice President of
Workforce development and strategic initiatives. Ms Lenora Keys, I saw here there. (Applause) Our Director of Advising initiatives, Leticia Wilson right behind you there. (Applause) And our assistant professor
of speech Dr Jill Anderson Dr Anderson somewhere out there. The individuals put
hours and hours of work into this grant and I would
like to thank them as well. So without further ado,
Dr Esquinea back to you. Thank you Dr Simba. As many of you know Del Mar College is recognized
by the federal government as a Hispanic Serving institution, or HSI by way the Title 5 program
with the Department of Ed. To be considered as an HSI,
an institutions student population must be composed of at least 25% Hispanic students. There’s more details beyond that, but at Del Mar College 67% of
our student populations comes from Hispanic background. What you may not know,
that most of our students over 70% receive some
form of financial aid. At the same time the
coastal bend region is experiencing a period of
booming economic growth driven by new expansions
of heavy industries. That growth means opportunity. You may be wondering how
all this ties together. The goal of project
Senda is to do all we can to increase the number of students who can take advantage of the career opportunities
proliferating in this area. And again I would like to make this point this grant will benefit all students lets be very clear about that, this HSI grant will benefit all students. Isn’t this why Del Mar
college, isn’t this what we have already been
doing, benefiting students increasing the background,
increasing their vacation to prepare for this big opportunity. Absolutely, that’s what we have been doing Chairwoman Scott mentioned
our strategic plan earlier, which is the
most student centered plan we have ever put together,
since I have been here at least. Here at the college it
is the most focused, and it was just passed last month. Through project Senda, Del Mar college will empower, train and support faculty advisors in their role of improving student retention persistence and graduation rates. Ladies and Gentleman that’s one of the distinguishing factors
here with Del Mar college. Its very different than other colleges that I have been a part of, of the five that I have been part of, and around the state and the country. We have an advising
component that is twofold, we have advisors and
councilors and that sort but we have an a facilty
advising type of system here for our students here at the college. We will gain or improve other tools for doing this work such as transfer, we will also be improving transfer maps new articulations agreements with other higher educational institutions enhanced career exploration
using cutting edge technology and even, virtual reality a virtual reality component, has to do with those goggles,it make
me dizzy, leave those alone. Project Senda will also give
our facility advisors tools to increase the success
the of our students at critical points in
their academic careers. Our goal includes reducing
time to completion reducing average credits
taken to degree completion and decreasing student
debt among many others. The project will implement an embedded advisor solution
throughout the college as well as a two tier faculty advisement training and certification process. In addition we will create and nurture a culture of financial literacy implementing solutions
such as peer financial coaching and mobile apps for managing consumer credit. Very Very important. How will Del Mar college do all this ? Of course to a certain extent, some of this work is already being done as we move forth with our
Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP which is all about improving guess what, Student Advising. Our QEP team including our new director of advising initiatives Letica Wilson along with Dr Dale Anderson
and Christine Donna Miller I think everyone is here today Are taking the lead on addressing many of these issues head on,
Bravo team way to go! How was that Bravo team ? Alright, it said it here but I tried to mean it. But we have more to announce today last week we received
news that our efforts to improve student and
advising and retention are about to rocket
forward! Its my privilege to announce that Del Mar
College has been awarded the Title 5 grant by the
US Department of Education. Which will not just benefit, but revolutionize our student advising and retention efforts over
the next five years. The title 5 grant assists Hispanic serving institutions
such as Del Mar College in expanding educational opportunities for and improve the attainment
of guess what, all students. The grant is also enables HSI to expand and enhance their academic offerings program quality and
institutional stability. I am extremely proud
to say, that out of 400 institutions that have
applied for this grant this year Del Mar College
was among only 31 awardees from over 400, how about that? (Applause) In some years the Department of Education has awarded as many as 200. And now if Chairwoman Scott will join me its time to reveal the
amount of the grant. We want to do a countdown? – [Chairwoman Scott] Okay 3 2 1 (Applause) – [Dr. Mark Esquinea] Let me get back here Ladies and Gentleman this 2.8 million dollar grant puts us on a new trajectory with the Department of Education. It will fund Project Senda with about $600,000 a year over the
next 5 years, starting now! We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us and its time to get to it, so thanks again once again for joining us to launch this particular program with Title 5 and Project Senda is on its way. We have behind you, refreshments. I got a burley and bake pizza
in the cake this morning. Valdar did I’m sorry I’m
sorry. I took Valdars credit. Valdar got up this morning
and baked pizza and cake. And this is a really wonderful day again Del Mar College
continues serving as a historically Hispanic serving
institution under Title 5. What a great day it is
Thank y’all for joining me!