11 Types of Student Relationships

November 20, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[Captions by Y Translator]
Hey Kev, are you sure
it’s fish in the sea, and not sea in the fish? I’m pretty sure it’s
fish in the sea, man. Fish in the semen? There’s no fish in semen. Oh, she’s here. Gotta Go. TYPES OF STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS Hey Denise, you’re early. Oh, yeah, I’ve decided
that this year, I will not let any distractions
affect me from my studies. That’s good. That’s good. Why are you early? Why am I early? Why shouldn’t I be early? Why shouldn’t you be early, huh? So do you want to sit together? Like… I left my bag at the back. Save me a seat. THE OBSESSED LOVER Pei Shi! What’s his problem? I know, right? He does that every time
he sees Pei Shi. Stupid. Ren Yi Xiang,
why are you in a rush? Oh, hi Melody. I just got back
from my holiday in Maldives, and I got you this. Oh, what is this? I collected some seashells
from the beach. Oh, just for me? How about everyone else? Yeah, Melody, where’s mine? No, just you, Ren Yi Xiang. That’s very sweet. Oh, I got something
sweet to show you too. Whenever step into the room,
you take my breath away. I can’t stop thinking
of you every night and every day. If you can give me one chance,
I will promise you dear, a magical passion
for future that is near. Ren Yi Xiang,
that’s the most beautiful thing ever. Anyway, I hope Pei Shi
would think so, too. Thanks for the seashells, bye. THE UNFATED Sorry, this seat is taken. Sorry, there’s someone
sitting here already. How you doing? This seat is taken. The question is, are you taken? So, how about that
tutor session, huh? Okay, everyone, before class starts,
I will need some volunteers to go down to the staff room
to pick up some files. Anyone? I’ll do it. Okay Denise, but perhaps you can get
someone to accompany you. I’ll do it. Okay then, great. Let’s go get some stuff. THE FANGIRL Hey Ben, I know you’ve been
tired after basketball training. So I did your homework for you. Thanks. Anyway, exams coming
up next week. Maybe we can study
the library together? Bro, you have been meeting up
with her after school, is it? Why you dating a nerd? No, bro. I got the homeword done already
so you can sit down. Okay, let me take
the sit beside you. Stop following me. But you said we
can sit together, right? Just leave me alone. Sit somewhere else. Annoying fangirl. I know, right? THE DELUSIONAL Pei Shi, this is for you. Really? This is for me? I spent $100 at the arcade
just to get this for you. That’s so sweet. Can you take me to the arcade? As long as you’re my girlfriend,
I would take you anywhere. Okay. I’ll be your girlfriend. What are you doing? This is for you. Really? This is for me? Yes, I spent $100 at the arcade
just to get this for you. A $100? Why would you do that? Because I would do
anything for you. Why don’t you just give
it to Melody instead since you’re so close to her? Okay, but only
because you asked me to. I’ll do anything for you. THE TUG OF WAR All right, class. I’m going to need you
to hand in the homework, which I gave to you
over the weekend. What? I thought you
was gonna give birth. If you think that I
wasn’t going to be here, then you are wrong. It was really just
a false alarm. I think it was gas. I had a really heavy lunch. But it happens to everybody. It happens all the time. So homework, now. Jian Hao, copy it fast, but don’t let Madam
Soot Beng find out. Thanks. Hey, something going on here? Dude, I called dibs. What? You can’t just call
dibs on someone. Guys, I can hear you. Dude, she clearly likes me. What? How do you know that? You’ll see when I confess. Maybe I will confess. Don’t you dare. Guys, I can still hear you. This is getting
a little bit weird. Well Denise, I actually have something
that I want to tell you. Jian Hao, stop talking
and hand in your homework. Sure Vincent, I’ll see
you after school. THE ONE-SIDED LOVE Debbie, can I borrow a pen? Yeah. Sure. Whoa. What is that? Is that Ben? Yeah, he’s my boyfriend. Boyfriend? Yeah. He talked to me
for the first time yesterday. What did he say? He told me to do his homework, and I even made
his favorite lunch for him. THE LOVE TRIANGLE Pei Shi, I have prepared
a poem for you. I have a boyfriend. I know you’re saying
that just to make me jealous. You don’t have a boyfriend. So? I like Kevin. Really? To be honest, I also
have been keeping something. Ren Yi Xiang, I like you. He does that every time
he sees Pei Shi. What is so good
about Pei Shi anyway? Whenever you step into the room,
you take my breath away. Stay away from Ren Yi Xian. He’s is mine. So, if you don’t get
a girlfriend by the end of this year, should we go
to the prom together?>>You mean like…
>>A couple. Wow, we finish
each other’s sentences. I don’t know
how to feel about this. THE PLAYER Oh my God. What? I just got a letter from Ben. He’s telling me to meet
him after school. Wait. I got the same letter
from Ben a week ago. Wait, you’re telling me we
all got the same letter? Ben is mine. Throw your rubbish properly. THE OBLIVIOUS Cherylene, why do you
look so sad? I thought I was special. I thought I was the only one
that got the letter. It doesn’t matter. I have something for you. Really? What’s this? Whenever you step into the room,
you take my breathe– Sorry, that’s the wrong one. This is the right one. Oh, what’s this? Happy Friendship Day! We’ve been friends
for over a year now, and I’m thinking maybe we can take things
to the next level? Really? Actually, I feel
the same way too. We’re best friends. THE ON AND OFF COUPLE Hey, Ren Yi Xiang, what’s up? Are they gonna be okay? They always break up, and then argue, and then
get back together again. Just look. So sweet. Now, look again. What’s wrong with them? Just look again. What are they doing? Oh my God. That is so cool. What are you doing? I also want to join in. What are you doing? It’s stuck. THE SHY COUPLE Offside! No PDA in school. If I see any more hanky-panky,
I’ll send you both to detention. Understand? THE TEACHER LOVE Stupid kids. Who has time for love? Who do we have here? I am marking some papers. You’re marking papers? You’re a teacher here too? Yes, I’m from
the maths department. And you? I’m actually the PE teacher. I’m actually the head of PE. I don’t have any papers to mark, but I take
my job super seriously. Wait. Where did you go? PE is a real subject too, okay? There willl be PE exams one day. You’ll see. THE REJECTED Hey girls, you guys
want to get lunch? Yeah. Sure. Hey Ben, are you hungry? I made your favorite
lunch for you. No, thanks. Let’s go. But can I come along? Nope. Maybe you should
just take this just in case you get hungry later? I said stop following me. THE TUTOR So, this is one question that
you definitely want to practice because it is going
to come out in the exam. You know, I’m actually pretty
good at chemistry already. Maybe you don’t need
to tutor me. how about we do experiments
on each other instead? Vincent, can you please stop it with all
this inappropriate remarks? How are you ever going to do
well if you don’t focus? How about I focus
on you instead? What about me? You know what? I personally think
if you really like someone, you should just say it. So, you got anything to say? Actually, you know what? You are right. You’re right. I do have something to say. Just not to you. Not me? But… You are actually leaving? But I actually
do need help though. THE PERSISTENT LOVER I will never get Pei Shi. With that negative attitude, of course, you’re
never going to get her. Yes. I shouldn’t give up. I need to prove my love for her. How? What’s that? It’s a picture of me and her. I am going to cut it
out and put it together. Hey, Jian Hao. Oh, hey Denise. I have something really
important to tell you. Wait. Do you hear that? Pei Shi! Pei Shi! Ren Yi Xiang, Jian Hao Tan, principal’s office, now!`